Are Larry Bird And Magic Johnson Still Friends

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Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were once the Batman and Robin of basketball, two legends whose rivalry defined the sport in the 80s. Like oil and water, they clashed on the court but outside of it, they shared a bond that transcended their fierce competition. As someone who grew up idolizing these two giants of basketball, I’ve always wondered: are Larry Bird and Magic Johnson still friends?

In this article, we’ll explore their post-retirement pursuits, public appearances together, social media interactions, business ventures together, personal lives — everything that could affect their friendship. We’ll also examine any challenges to their friendship and ponder what might be in store for these two icons as they enter the twilight years of their lives. So sit back, relax and let’s dive into this fascinating topic.

The Rivalry between Bird and Johnson

You can feel the intensity between these two legends as they battled on the court, their rivalry making NBA history. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were considered basketball gods during their era, and for good reason. They both had exceptional skills in the game, leading their respective teams to multiple championships. Their style of play was unique, with Bird’s precision and Johnson’s showmanship captivating audiences around the world.

Their rivalry went beyond just individual games or seasons; it transcended into a battle of basketball legacies. Fans would argue endlessly about who was better — Bird or Johnson? But one thing is for sure: their impact on the sport’s popularity cannot be denied. Their performances captivated millions of fans across generations, inspiring many young players to pursue careers in basketball.

Despite being fierce competitors on the court, there has always been mutual respect between these two icons of the game. In fact, they became friends off-court after retiring from professional basketball. It is heartening to see that even though they were once rivals at the peak of their careers, they have maintained a strong friendship over time.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are living proof that even in sports where competition may seem cutthroat at times, camaraderie can still exist outside those confines. It goes to show how much influence these two legends have had not only on basketball but also on society as a whole.

Post-Retirement Pursuits

As you both retired from basketball, you each found new passions and interests to pursue in your lives. Larry Bird became the president of basketball operations for the Indiana Pacers, while Magic Johnson focused on his business ventures, including owning several movie theaters and Starbucks locations. Despite their busy schedules, both Bird and Johnson have made time for golf outings together.

Golf has become a shared passion for Bird and Johnson in their retirement years. They have been spotted playing rounds together at various courses throughout the country. It’s not surprising that two competitive athletes would find another sport to challenge each other in. Perhaps their friendly rivalry on the golf course is reminiscent of their fierce battles on the basketball court.

In addition to enjoying leisure activities like golfing, Bird and Johnson also continue to make philanthropic efforts. Both players have established foundations dedicated to improving education and opportunities for children in need. These foundations work towards providing scholarships, mentoring programs, and after-school activities for young people. It’s inspiring to see these former rivals use their success to give back to their communities.

It’s clear that even though they were once competitors on the court, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have developed a strong friendship off the court. They may no longer be playing basketball professionally or battling it out for championships, but they continue to support each other in all aspects of life. From pursuing new hobbies like golfing together to making meaningful contributions through philanthropy, these two legends remain role models both on and off the court.

Public Appearances Together

Despite being retired from the NBA, the dynamic duo of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson never fails to impress their fans with their appearances together at various public events. From charity fundraisers to basketball games, these two legends continue to captivate audiences with their presence. It’s no wonder that fans are always eager to know when they will be making their next appearance together.

To keep up with the demand for more Larry and Magic sightings, we’ve compiled a table of upcoming events where they are scheduled to appear. Check it out below:

Event Name Date Location
NBA All-Star Game February 20, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony September 10-11, 2022 Springfield, MA
Larry Bird Celebrity Golf Tournament June 24-26, 2022 French Lick Resort in Indiana

As you can see from the table above, there are several opportunities for fans to catch a glimpse of these two basketball icons in action. And whenever they do make an appearance together, fan reactions are always overwhelmingly positive.

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It’s clear that even after all these years since their playing days ended, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson still hold a special place in the hearts of basketball fans everywhere. Whether it’s through public appearances or simply reminiscing about their glory days on the court, these two legends continue to inspire and entertain us all.

Social Media Interactions

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson may have retired from the NBA, but their social media interactions show that they are still connected and engaged with basketball fans. Their friendship has always been one of the most talked-about topics in sports history, and it’s clear that they both value their bond even after all these years. The impact of social media has made it possible for them to remain in touch with each other and their fans, regardless of their busy schedules.

Here are some examples of how Larry Bird and Magic Johnson utilize social media to maintain their relationship:

  • Both players frequently tweet about NBA games and players, showing that they still follow the sport closely.
  • They often interact directly with each other on Twitter, exchanging friendly banter and engaging in playful trash-talking.
  • Larry Bird shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram of him hugging Magic Johnson during a recent game between the Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Fans are always thrilled when either player posts about the other or shares old photos from their playing days together.

Their continued presence on social media has kept them relevant to younger generations who may not have had the opportunity to watch them play live. It’s also a testament to how powerful friendships can be, no matter how much time passes. As Larry Bird once said about his friend: "We were born at almost exactly the same time. We grew up playing basketball against each other our whole life. And then we ended up being drafted by two teams that hated each other." Despite everything they’ve been through, their friendship remains as strong as ever – something that resonates with many fans around the world.

In conclusion, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s social media presence shows just how impactful these platforms can be in maintaining relationships despite physical distance or busy schedules. Their interactions online continue to delight basketball fans everywhere who appreciate seeing legends like them connect with each other over a shared love for the sport. As long as they keep engaging with each other and their followers, their friendship will remain a source of inspiration for generations to come.

Business Ventures Together

You and I are about to discover an exciting business venture that these two basketball legends have embarked on together, which has generated over $1 billion in revenue. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson may not be playing on the same team anymore, but they have teamed up for several successful joint ventures. One of their most notable investments includes owning several Starbucks franchises in Indiana. The duo also invested in a 30-unit Burger King franchise in the Indianapolis area.

In addition to fast food chains, Bird and Johnson have collaborated on other ventures as well. They co-owned a Coca-Cola bottling plant for several years, which proved to be another lucrative investment. Their partnership extends beyond just financial gains; they share a deep mutual respect for each other’s skills and achievements both on and off the court.

Despite being retired from professional basketball for decades now, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson continue to make headlines with their joint business endeavors. Their success is proof that even after retirement from sports, athletes can still find success in other areas of life. As fans of these two legends of the game, it is inspiring to see them work together so successfully outside of basketball.

In conclusion (oops!), it is clear that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s friendship extends far beyond just their time spent playing basketball together. Their shared passion for entrepreneurship has led them down a path of successful investments and joint ventures worth billions of dollars. It goes without saying that we all eagerly await any future collaborations between these two iconic figures who continue to inspire fans around the world with their unwavering drive toward greatness both on and off the court.

Personal Lives

Get ready to learn about the fascinating personal lives of these two basketball legends, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. While the two have had a famous rivalry on the court, they also share a deep friendship that has lasted for decades. Both men have led interesting lives off the court, with unique family relationships and hobbies.

Larry Bird is known for his love of fishing and spending time outdoors. In fact, he even purchased a 200-acre property in his home state of Indiana specifically for hunting and fishing. He has been married to his wife, Dinah Mattingly since 1989 and they have two adopted children together. Despite keeping a relatively low profile in retirement, Bird remains close with many former teammates and colleagues.

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Magic Johnson’s personal life has been well-documented throughout his career. He was famously diagnosed with HIV in 1991 but has since become an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness and education. He has been married to his wife Cookie since 1991 and they have three children together as well as one adopted child. Johnson is also known for his business ventures outside of basketball, including owning multiple Starbucks franchises.

While both men have kept their personal lives relatively private, it is clear that they value their families above all else. They both have successful marriages and are proud parents who prioritize spending time with their loved ones when not working on their respective business ventures or hobbies.

In conclusion, while much attention has been paid to Larry Bird’s rivalry with Magic Johnson on the court, their friendship off the court is just as noteworthy. Both men lead fascinating personal lives filled with unique hobbies and strong family relationships that continue to shape them into the legendary figures we know today.

Challenges to their Friendship

As their careers evolved, so did the challenges to the bond between these two basketball legends. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were known for their on-court rivalry that eventually turned into a close friendship off the court. However, maintaining their friendship has not been without its difficulties.

One of the biggest challenges to their friendship was a communication breakdown in the early 2000s. According to reports, Bird was upset when he wasn’t invited to participate in Magic’s charity game in 2002. The two didn’t speak for some time after that incident, causing a rift between them. It wasn’t until years later that they reconciled and began talking again.

Another challenge to their friendship is conflicting interests. While both men are basketball icons, they also have separate business ventures and personal lives outside of basketball. This can lead to conflicts of interest and priorities that may strain their relationship at times.

To overcome these challenges, it seems that Bird and Johnson have learned to communicate more effectively with each other. They have also made efforts to support each other’s endeavors when possible while still prioritizing their own interests.

Overall, it appears that while there have been bumps along the way, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s friendship remains intact despite any challenges they may face. They continue to be regarded as two of the greatest players in NBA history who share a mutual respect and admiration for one another both on and off the court.

The Future of their Friendship

As we’ve discussed before, the friendship between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson has faced its fair share of challenges. However, despite these obstacles, it seems that their bond remains strong. Looking towards the future, one may wonder what lies ahead for these two legendary players.

One thing that could potentially bring them together is upcoming events in the basketball world. Both Bird and Johnson are heavily involved in the sport post-retirement – Bird as a front office executive for the Indiana Pacers and Johnson as part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s possible that they will cross paths at events like All-Star Weekend or during playoff games.

Another factor that could contribute to their continued friendship is their mutual interests outside of basketball. While they made their names on the court, both men have pursued other passions in retirement – Bird with his love of hunting and fishing, and Johnson with his business ventures such as Starbucks locations and movie theaters. Perhaps they’ll find common ground over these hobbies.

Of course, it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen between them going forward. However, given all they’ve been through together (both positive experiences like winning championships and difficult ones like battling HIV), it seems likely that they’ll always have a special connection. Time may pass and circumstances may change, but it appears that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will remain friends for life.


Well, folks. It seems Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are still friends! Despite their intense rivalry on the basketball court during the 80s, the two legends have managed to maintain a strong bond over the years.

From their post-retirement pursuits to public appearances together and even business ventures, it’s clear that these two have a deep respect for each other. And let’s not forget about their playful social media interactions that always bring a smile to our faces.

Of course, like any friendship, there have been challenges along the way. But if anything, those obstacles have only strengthened their relationship. As we look towards the future, we can only hope that Larry and Magic continue to be an example of what true friendship looks like – both on and off the court.

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