Can You Catch Birds In Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing is a popular video game that allows players to explore and populate their own island. One of the most unique features of the game is being able to catch various kinds of birds. People have been wondering if it’s possible to actually do this in-game, and we’re here to answer that question!

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can catch birds in Animal Crossing, as well as some tips for doing so successfully. So let’s dive right into it!

What Kinds Of Birds Are Available?

In Animal Crossing, there are over 80 species of birds that can be caught. Each type of bird has its own unique characteristics and behaviors, making them fascinating to catch and observe.

Additionally, some rare birds may require certain conditions or items before they will appear in the game. For example, a few types of owls only show up at night if you have a special item equipped.

Each bird also requires a different type of bait or tool for catching it. Depending on the type of bird you’re trying to catch, it could take several attempts before being successful.

Furthermore, players must use specific tools such as fishing rods and nets to capture birds without scaring them away from their habitat. With so many options available for catching birds in Animal Crossing, even experienced players need time to explore all the possibilities this game offers.

From then on, it’s just a matter of finding the right way to attract each one!

Types Of Fishing Rods

In Animal Crossing, there are several different types of fishing rods available to catch fish and other sea creatures.

The most basic rod is the Flimsy Fishing Rod, which can be crafted using five branches and one string. It’s not very durable and has a low chance of catching bigger or rarer catches like sharks, but it will get the job done if you’re just starting out.

For those looking for something more reliable, there’s also the Old Fishing Rod that can be bought from Nook’s Cranny. This rod is much sturdier than its flimsy counterpart, giving players a better chance of catching larger catches.

The next step up in terms of quality is the Fishing Rod, which requires an extra ten pieces of wood as well as three iron nuggets to craft. This rod offers increased durability and accuracy when compared with the Flimsy Fishing Rod, making it ideal for experienced anglers who want to maximize their chances at landing rare finds such as sharks or coelacanths.

To take things even further, players can upgrade this rod into either a Gold Fishing Rod or a Golden Fishing Rod by donating enough fish and bugs to the museum respectively. These offer improved accuracy over all previous tiers and have higher chances of yielding rare items like shark fins or pearl oysters while still having decent durability.

With these tools in hand, players should have no problem getting their hands on some exotic catches!

Using any of these fishing rods, players will be able to try their luck at reeling in birds – although they may require some patience due to their rarity!

Crafting Bait

Crafting bait in Animal Crossing is like cooking a gourmet meal. Every ingredient and seasoning must be handled with care to make the perfect concoction.

Here’s the recipe for crafting bait:

  • Ingredients

  • Fish Bait: Can be crafted by combining manila clams, mussels, or oysters with sea creatures such as pufferfish, horseshoe crabs, and snails.

  • Bug Bait: Can be crafted with earth-type items such as stones, clay, wood chips, leaves, weeds, tree branches and even fruit.

  • Mushroom Bait: A special type of food that can only be made from mushrooms found on trees around the island. The number of ingredients used will determine how long this bait lasts.

  • Directions

  • Gather all your ingredients. Be sure to collect enough so you don’t run out before catching any fish or bugs!

  • Arrange them according to what kind of bait you want; then just place them into the corresponding DIY workbench recipes.

  • Once it’s finished crafting, grab your net and head out fishing or bug hunting!

Now that you have your tasty bait ready to go, all that’s left is finding the perfect spot to set up shop and start catching some critters!

Finding The Perfect Spot

Let’s start by talking about how to identify the habitats of birds in Animal Crossing.

Then we can move on to the best ways to feed them.

Identifying Habitats

Identifying habitats is an important part of finding the perfect spot for catching birds in Animal Crossing. It’s key to understanding where different species like to hang out, and how they interact with their environment.

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Taking note of what kind of trees are nearby, or if there are ponds close by can help you determine which areas will provide more opportunities for success.

Also be sure to pay attention to any other distractions that could interfere with a successful hunt – these could include things like loud noises or bustling activity near your chosen area.

By taking all of this into account, you’ll have the best chance at coming away with some feathered friends!

Feeding Birds

Once you’ve identified a great spot for birdwatching and catching birds, it’s time to think about what to feed them.

Different species of birds will require different types of food, so make sure you’re familiar with their dietary preferences before getting started.

Seeds are usually a good choice, as they provide the most nourishment and can be easily scattered on the ground or in nearby trees.

You may also want to consider providing other forms of nutrition like fruits, nuts, or insects – depending on which type of birds you’re trying to attract.

Remember that offering too much food could disrupt the local ecosystem, so try not to overdo it!

Casting The Rod

Catching birds in Animal Crossing is quite easy once you know the basics. Before you can catch a bird, it’s important to have the right equipment. Here’s what you need:

Item Description
Fishing Rod A tool used for catching sea creatures and fish from rivers and oceans. It can also be used to capture bugs, butterflies, and other animals.
Net Used for capturing flying critters such as butterflies and bees. Can also be used to retrieve items that fall into bodies of water or on top of trees/bushes.

Once you’ve got your gear ready, cast the rod near where a bird may be perched or walking around. Wait until they come close enough so that you can throw your net over them quickly before they fly away! You’ll want to make sure your timing is perfect if you’re trying to snag one of these feathery friends! With some luck and patience, soon enough you’ll have caught yourself a beautiful avian companion – no matter how many times it takes!

Reeling The Bird In

Before we get into the discussion, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about the subtopics:

  • bait
  • fishing rods
  • techniques
  • patience

We’ll need all of these to successfully reel in a bird in Animal Crossing.


The bait is the key to reeling in that beautiful bird.

You need something irresistible, like a pile of fruit or some fresh fish!

It’s best to use things that birds would be attracted to naturally, and don’t forget about the colorful feathers either – those can really lure them in!

Once you’ve got your setup ready for success, all you have to do is wait until one takes the bait.

With patience and luck on your side, you’ll soon find yourself with a feathered friend!

Fishing Rods

Now that you have your bait and the bird’s attention, it’s time to consider what kind of fishing rod would be best for reeling in this feathered friend.

A lightweight rod is ideal if you want to cast out further, while a telescopic one is perfect if you’re limited on space or need something more portable.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, then investing in a spinning reel might offer some extra features that could come in handy when catching fish.

Whichever rod type you choose, make sure it has good line capacity so your catch won’t break away too easily!

Caring For Your New Pet

It is estimated that over two million Animal Crossing players have caught birds in their game.

Caring for your new pet can be a rewarding experience, and it requires time, patience, and dedication. Feeding the bird every day and giving them plenty of water are essential to keeping them healthy and happy. Making sure they get enough sleep by turning off lights or closing curtains at night is also important.

When you’re playing with your bird, use positive reinforcement such as treats or toys when they do something good or learn a new trick. Taking care of your feathered friend doesn’t only mean providing food and shelter: showing them love and affection will help build trust between you both.

With proper care, having an animal companion in Animal Crossing can be incredibly fulfilling; however, don’t forget that all this effort comes with rewards! Selling your catch for bells may make more sense than simply releasing them back into the wild – even if it means saying goodbye to a beloved friend.

Moving on from caring for your pet to cashing out on their worth is the next step in exploring Animal Crossing.

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Selling Your Catch For Bells

Caring for your pet is a great way to get the most out of your Animal Crossing experience, and now that you’ve gotten settled in with your new friend, it’s time to start making some bells!

Selling the fish or bugs you catch can be a great source of income. Here are some tips on how best to make the most out of selling your catches:

  • Make sure you save any rare finds – even if they don’t sell for as much as other items, these can fetch high prices from special characters like CJ or Flick.

  • Check in-game guides or online resources to identify what creatures are worth more money than others.

  • Upgrade your net and fishing rod so that you’re able to capture higher quality critters.

  • Visit Nook’s Cranny daily to check which creatures are being sold at higher prices that day – this will help ensure you always get top dollar for whatever you bring in.

  • Don’t forget about art supplies made from shells or seaweed – these often have good resale value too!

With these tips in mind, becoming an expert angler and seller should be easy enough – all it takes is a bit of practice, patience, and knowledge of when and where to find those valuable items!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I’m Catching The Right Type Of Bird?

Catching the right type of bird in Animal Crossing can be tricky. Knowing which ones you’re able to catch is essential, as some birds may not even show up when attempting to capture them.

To make sure you don’t waste time and effort trying to collect a species that’s unavailable, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand so you know what types of birds are available in your game.

Once you have identified which birds you’d like to try for, then use the appropriate techniques such as bait or netting to get their attention and attempt to catch them.

What Is The Best Bait To Use For Catching Birds?

When it comes to catching birds in Animal Crossing, the best bait to use is fruits.

Fruits come in all shapes and sizes and can be found around your island and purchased from Nook’s Cranny store.

You should also make sure you have a net handy so that when a bird lands on the ground or tree next to you, you’re ready to catch them quickly!

How Do I Make Sure I’m Getting The Highest Value For My Catches?

Catching birds in Animal Crossing can be a great way to earn bells, but making sure you’re getting the highest value for your catches is essential.

To do this, one should take into account the size and color of their catch as well as how active it is when caught.

Bigger and brighter colored birds tend to have higher values, while more feisty ones may also net a better return.

Furthermore, using the best bait available will help improve your chances of acquiring high-value catches.

How Often Should I Be Fishing For Birds?

Fishing for birds in Animal Crossing is a great way to make sure you’re getting the highest value out of your catches.

To get the most bang for your buck, it’s recommended that you fish often – at least once or twice a day if possible.

Doing so will ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to snag those rare and valuable feathered friends.

Of course, don’t forget to take breaks – fishing can be tiring work!

Are There Any Special Techniques For Catching Birds?

Yes, catching birds in Animal Crossing requires some special techniques.

To start with an anachronism, it’s like a game of chess – you have to think several steps ahead and be patient.

Having the right tools for the job is essential too; make sure you’re equipped with a net and ample bait before heading out.

It’s also important to stay still and observe which direction they are flying in order to anticipate where they’ll land next.

With enough practice, you should soon become a master at bird-catching!


In conclusion, if you want to successfully catch birds in Animal Crossing, it’s important to know the best type of bait to use and how often you should be fishing.

Make sure that you’re getting the highest value for your catches as well by keeping an eye out for rare species.

Additionally, there are some special techniques that can help make catching birds easier – so why not take advantage of them?

Are you ready to start catching those feathered friends?

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