How To Get The Galarian Birds In Pokemon Go

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Hey there fellow trainers! Have you been itching to add the Galarian birds to your Pokemon Go collection? Well, look no further because I’ve got some tips and tricks on how to catch these elusive legendary birds.

First off, let’s talk about what exactly are the Galarian birds. These three legendary birds: Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres have received a new regional form in the Galar region of Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition to their unique appearance, they also have different typings and movesets compared to their Kanto counterparts. Getting them in Pokemon Go requires a bit of effort but trust me, it’s well worth it! So gear up trainers, we’re going bird hunting!

Understanding The Galarian Birds

Did you know that the Galarian Birds are some of the rarest and most powerful Pokémon in Pokemon Go? These legendary creatures have been causing quite a stir among trainers all over the world, with many eager to add them to their collection. However, catching these elusive birds is no easy feat.

Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres were first introduced back in Generation I of the original Pokémon games. But now, they’ve returned with an exciting twist – as Galarian forms! Each bird has undergone a unique transformation that sets them apart from their Kanto counterparts. Zapdos is now part Fighting-type, Articuno is a Psychic/Flying hybrid, while Moltres gains Dark typing.

To catch these magnificent creatures in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to be patient and persistent. Unlike regular wild Pokémon encounters, your chance encounter with one of the Galarian Birds will not come up randomly. Instead, you’ll need to complete specific tasks or participate in special events to unlock their appearance on your map. Are you ready for the hunt? Let’s prepare ourselves by getting everything we need before heading out into the field!

Preparing For The Hunt

I’m planning on getting the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go, so I’m doing some prep work. For starters, I’m scouting out the best locations to find them. I’m also making sure I have all the necessary items and equipment I might need. Weather monitoring is also important, so I’m keeping an eye on forecasts to make sure I’m prepared for any conditions. Plus, I’m stocking up on some extra Pokeballs, just in case. I’m also getting tips from friends who’ve already caught the Galarian birds, so I’m as ready as I can be. Here I come, Galarian birds!

Location Scouting

I’m so excited to hunt for the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go! To prepare, I’ve been doing some location scouting. This means finding places where these elusive creatures might appear.

First, I checked out online communities and forums dedicated to Pokemon Go. Many players share tips on where they found rare pokemon including the Galarian birds. Some suggested parks and nature reserves as potential hotspots. Others recommended exploring cities with high foot traffic such as shopping districts or tourist areas.

Next, I scouted locations myself by taking long walks around my neighborhood and nearby parks. I paid attention to areas with unique landmarks like statues or fountains since those spots could potentially attract rare pokemon spawns. I also kept an eye out for gyms and poke stops which can be indicators of popular playing areas.

After all this research, I have a list of possible locations to visit when searching for the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go. Time to gear up and head out on my hunt!


Now that I have my list of potential hunting spots for the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go, it’s time to prepare myself with the right items and equipment. Having these will not only make me more efficient but also give me a better chance at catching those rare creatures.

First on my list is extra Poke Balls. The last thing I want during this hunt is to run out of them! Ultra Balls and Great Balls would be even better since they increase the chances of capturing stronger pokemon like the Galarian birds. I’ll also bring along some Razz Berries or Golden Razz Berries which can help calm down wary pokemon making them easier to catch.

Next up are potions and revives. Hunting for hours under the sun can take its toll on both me and my pokemon so having enough healing items is crucial. Potions restore lost health while revives revive fainted pokemon allowing them to battle again. A few Max Revives wouldn’t hurt either as they instantly heal all HP points and revive fainted pokemon in one go!

Lastly, comfortable clothes and shoes are a must-have during long hunts. Wearing something light and breathable will keep me from getting too hot or sweaty while walking around searching for those elusive birds. Good footwear will prevent any blisters or sore feet that may arise after spending hours exploring different locations. With these items equipped, I’m ready to embark on my Galarian bird hunt adventure!

Weather Monitoring

So I’ve got my list of potential hunting spots and the necessary items to increase my chances of catching those elusive Galarian birds in Pokemon Go. However, there’s one thing that could make or break this hunt – the weather. As someone who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping, I know how important it is to be prepared for any type of weather condition.

That’s why I’ll be monitoring the weather closely before heading out on my Galarian bird hunt adventure. In addition to checking the forecast through various apps and websites, I’ll also pay attention to the current conditions such as cloud cover, wind speed, and humidity levels. By doing so, I can adjust my clothing choices accordingly and bring along any additional gear that may come in handy.

For instance, if it looks like it might rain later in the day, I’ll pack a lightweight rain jacket or poncho just in case. If it’s going to be sunny with high temperatures, then sunscreen and a hat will definitely be included in my backpack. Being aware of the weather conditions can help me stay comfortable throughout the entire hunt while ensuring that neither myself nor my pokemon suffer from heatstroke or other adverse effects caused by extreme temperatures.

Finding Galarian Zapdos

So, you want to find the elusive Galarian Zapdos in Pokemon Go? Well, let me tell you, it’s no easy feat. But with a little bit of determination and some helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way.

First things first, make sure you have completed all the research tasks for the ‘Electric Foray’ special research questline. This will unlock the ability to encounter Galarian Zapdos through raids. Keep an eye out for any nearby raids featuring this legendary bird.

Next up, gather a team of fellow trainers to take on these raids with. It’s always better to battle alongside others who can help take down such a powerful opponent. Plus, raiding is just more fun with friends!

Once you’ve successfully found and defeated Galarian Zapdos in a raid, it’s time to catch it! Make sure you come prepared with plenty of berries and ultra balls – this bird won’t go down without a fight. Use golden razz berries to increase your chances of catching it and throw curveballs for even more bonus points.

Now that we’ve covered finding Galarian Zapdos in raids, let’s move onto actually catching this electrifying creature.

Catching Galarian Zapdos

I’m so excited to start catching Galarian Zapdos in Pokemon Go! To get the most out of my experience, I’ll need to power up my Pokemon and take advantage of any weather boosts that are available. It’s also important to remember that Galarian Zapdos is a regional exclusive, so I’ll need to keep an eye out for that. I heard that powering up my Pokemon to level 40 makes them a lot stronger which is great. I’ll also need to stay on top of what weather boosts are available, as this could give me an edge in catching Galarian Zapdos. I’m sure I’ll be able to catch Galarian Zapdos with the right preparation. Wish me luck!

Power Up

I can’t wait to catch the Galarian Zapdos in Pokemon Go! But before I do, I need to make sure that my pokemon are powered up. This is important because having strong pokemon will increase my chances of catching it.

To power up my pokemon, I need stardust and candy. Stardust is earned by catching any type of pokemon, while candy can be obtained by catching or transferring the same species of pokemon. Once I have enough stardust and candy, I can use them to power up my strongest pokemon so they’re ready for battle.

In addition to powering up my own pokemon, I should also consider teaming up with other trainers during raids. Raids allow multiple trainers to battle a powerful raid boss together, increasing our chances of success. By working together and using our best pokemon, we’ll be one step closer to catching the elusive Galarian Zapdos!

Weather Boost

I’ve been preparing for the arrival of Galarian Zapdos in Pokemon Go, and I know that one important factor to consider is weather. Weather plays a crucial role in catching certain pokemon as it can provide them with a significant boost in power. For example, if there’s rain or thunderstorms happening in my area, then electric-type pokemon like Zapdos will have increased strength.

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This means that when searching for Galarian Zapdos, I need to keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If I notice that there’s going to be a storm coming up, then it might be worth waiting until that day to go hunting for this legendary bird. With the added advantage of weather boosting its power level, I’ll stand a better chance of catching it.

Of course, having strong pokemon is still essential regardless of any weather boosts. But combining both elements – powerful creatures and favorable weather conditions – could make all the difference between success and failure in capturing Galarian Zapdos. So before heading out into the wilds, I’m going to check my team’s strength and ensure they’re ready for whatever challenges lie ahead!

Regional Exclusivity

Speaking of catching Galarian Zapdos, another factor that I need to consider is regional exclusivity. As a virtual creature in Pokemon Go, it’s important to note that not all pokemon are available worldwide. Some can only be caught in specific regions, and this applies to Galarian Zapdos as well.

Being from the Galar region, there’s a chance that Galarian Zapdos might only appear in certain parts of the world. This means that if I’m living on the opposite side of the globe, then my chances of encountering one could be much lower than others who live closer to its supposed habitat. It also makes sense why some players would travel far just to catch rare pokemon.

However, there have been instances where Niantic – the game developer – has made these regional exclusives temporarily available during events or through special promotions. So while I may not be able to catch them naturally in my area right now, there’s still hope for me and other trainers who want to add Galarian Zapdos into our collection!

Galarian Articuno: Location And Tips

So, you’ve caught the elusive Galarian Zapdos. Congrats! Now, it’s time to move on to the next challenge: capturing Galarian Articuno. But where can you find this majestic bird? Well, as with most legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go, it won’t be easy.

First off, let me tell you about anachronisms. They’re like little windows into history and culture that make for great storytelling devices. And speaking of history, did you know that Articuno was once worshiped by ancient people as a symbol of winter? That’s right – this ice-type bird has been around for centuries and is still one of the most sought-after creatures in the game.

To locate Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Go, you’ll have to search high and low across various regions. Unlike its Kanto counterpart, which could only be found at Seafoam Islands after obtaining all 8 badges, Galarian Articuno roams freely throughout the world map. So keep your eyes peeled and don’t give up hope – with enough persistence (and maybe a bit of luck), you’ll eventually spot this rare creature soaring through the sky.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about catching Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Go. Remember to stay patient and persistent while searching for this magnificent bird; after all, good things come to those who wait (and work hard). Keep playing and exploring until you finally capture your very own legendary Pokémon!

Capturing Galarian Articuno

So, you’re interested in capturing a Galarian Articuno? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This majestic bird can be quite elusive, but with some patience and strategy, you’ll have it in your Pokedex in no time.

First things first – make sure you have completed the Special Research quest "The Higher They Fly…" which unlocks access to these legendary Pokemon. Once that’s done, head over to raid battles and keep an eye out for any Galarian Articuno raids happening nearby.

When battling this icy beast, remember that it has dual typing of Psychic and Flying. Be prepared with strong Rock or Electric type Pokemon such as Tyranitar or Raikou. And don’t forget about its signature move Freeze-Dry which is super effective against Water types!

Now that you know what to expect when facing off against Galarian Articuno, here are some tips to increase your chances of catching it:

  • Use Golden Razz Berries to maximize your catch rate
  • Wait until the circle around the bird is at its smallest before throwing your Pokeball
  • Consider using Curveballs for extra XP and bonus catch rates
  • If possible, try to battle with friends to earn more Premier Balls for catching

Alright trainer, now it’s time to put these tips into action and capture that Galarian Articuno! But don’t stop there – next up we’ll talk about tracking down Galarian Moltres.

Tracking Down Galarian Moltres

I’ve been trying to track down Galarian Moltres for a while now, so I did some research to understand what Galarian forms are. Apparently, these are special regional forms of Pokémon based on the location they’re found in! I was excited to find out that I could find Galarian Pokémon in my area, so I started looking around. I was able to spot a few and started catching them, but I still hadn’t found Galarian Moltres. I kept searching and eventually found it! I was so excited to finally catch one and now I’m just waiting for the next Galarian Pokémon to show up.

Understanding Galarian Forms

Hey there fellow trainers! Are you ready to catch the elusive Galarian Moltres in Pokemon Go? Well, before we get into that, let’s make sure we understand what a Galarian form is. In short, it’s when a Pokémon has adapted to its environment and looks different from its original form.

Now, why is this important for catching Galarian Moltres? Because unlike regular Moltres, which can be found by completing research tasks or raid battles, Galarian Moltres requires a special method of tracking down. You see, it only appears as a reward for completing specific Field Research tasks during certain events. So keeping an eye out for these events and participating in them will increase your chances of encountering one.

But wait, there’s more! There are also two other Galarian Birds: Articuno and Zapdos. Each one also requires similar methods to obtain as Galarian Moltres. Understanding their unique forms and how to track them down will help us complete our Pokedex with pride. Happy hunting everyone!

Finding Galarian Pokémon

Now that we know what Galarian forms are and why they’re important, let’s focus specifically on tracking down the elusive Galarian Moltres. As mentioned earlier, this Pokémon can only be obtained through completing specific Field Research tasks during certain events. So how do we increase our chances of encountering one? The key is to stay up-to-date with upcoming events and actively participate in them. By doing so, we’ll have more opportunities to complete these tasks and potentially receive a Galarian Moltres as a reward.

But it’s not just about participating in events. It’s also important to keep an eye out for any additional tips or tricks that may surface regarding the location or method of obtaining Galarian Moltres. You never know when someone might discover a new strategy or technique that could greatly benefit your hunt. Joining online communities or forums dedicated to Pokémon Go can be incredibly helpful in staying informed and connecting with other trainers who share similar goals.

And remember, while catching Galarian Moltres may seem like a daunting task at first, don’t give up! Patience and persistence will pay off in the end. Just imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel once you finally add this rare creature to your collection. Keep honing those skills and happy hunting!

Catching Galarian Moltres

So, have you been keeping up with the latest events and Field Research tasks in Pokémon Go? If not, it’s time to start paying attention if you want a chance at catching the elusive Galarian Moltres. This rare creature can only be obtained through completing specific tasks during certain events, which means actively participating is key to increasing your chances.

But even with participation, catching Galarian Moltres isn’t guaranteed. It takes patience and persistence to track down this rare bird. That’s where staying informed comes into play. By joining online communities or forums dedicated to Pokémon Go, we can stay updated on any new tips or tricks that might emerge for finding and capturing Galarian Moltres.

So don’t give up! Keep honing those skills and exploring different strategies until you finally catch that prized Pokémon. Remember, there’s no greater feeling than adding a rare creature like Galarian Moltres to our collection. Happy hunting!

Battling Galarian Moltres

As you prepare to battle Galarian Moltres, the fiery bird seems to flicker and dance in anticipation of the fight ahead. Its wings spread wide like a blazing inferno, casting an orange glow across the battlefield. You can feel the heat emanating from its body as it takes flight.

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The key to defeating Galarian Moltres lies in understanding its weaknesses. As a Fire/Flying type, it is vulnerable to Rock, Water, Electric and other Flying-type moves. Make sure your team is well-rounded with these types of attacks so that you can deal maximum damage during battle.

Remember to strategize carefully – this won’t be an easy fight! Use your Pokemon’s strengths to your advantage and don’t be afraid to switch them out if one gets low on health. With enough practice and perseverance, you’ll emerge victorious over Galarian Moltres!

Now that you’ve captured or defeated all three Galarian birds, there’s only one thing left to do: complete your collection by trading for any missing ones. Fortunately, many trainers are willing to trade their extras for something equally rare or valuable. Start scouting online forums or local meetups to find others looking for trades – who knows what kind of amazing creatures you might acquire along the way?

Trading For Galarian Birds

Trading for Galarian Birds is another way to add these elusive creatures to your Pokemon GO collection. It’s a great option if you don’t have the time or resources to hunt them down in the wild, or if you missed out on their limited-time events. Trading also allows you to connect with other players and build relationships within the community.

To start trading, you’ll need to find someone who has the Galarian Bird you want and who is willing to trade it for something of equal value. This can be tricky since everyone values different Pokemon differently. However, there are a few tips that can help make trading easier:

  • Offer something rare or valuable: If you have an extra shiny or legendary Pokemon, this could entice someone to trade their Galarian Bird.
  • Build relationships: Join local Facebook groups or Discord servers dedicated to Pokemon GO and get involved in conversations. You may find someone who is willing to trade just because they like talking about Pokemon with you!
  • Be patient: Don’t expect to find a trade right away. Keep checking online forums and social media groups, and eventually, you may come across someone looking for what you have.

Trading for Galarian Birds can be a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to connect with others in the Pokemon GO community. Plus, it adds even more excitement to catching ’em all! In the next section, we’ll discuss how Raids offer another opportunity to catch these powerful birds in-game without having to rely on trades alone.

Galarian Birds And Raids

Now that you’ve traded and obtained the Galarian Birds, it’s time to test your skills in raids. These legendary creatures are available in five-star raid battles, where you’ll need a group of trainers to take them down. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough friends to play with – there are plenty of online communities where players can coordinate and join forces.

To increase your chances of catching these elusive birds, make sure to stock up on Golden Razz Berries and use them during the raid battle. It’s also important to choose Pokemon with type advantages against each bird – Zapdos is weak against Rock-type moves, Moltres against Water-types, and Articuno against Fire- or Steel-type attacks.

If luck is on your side and you successfully catch one (or all) of the Galarian Birds, congratulations! But the rewards don’t end there. Each bird has unique traits that can benefit your gameplay. Check out this table for details:

Bird Trait Benefit
Articuno Icy Veins Increases damage dealt by Ice-type moves
Zapdos Thunderous Charge Boosts Electric-type attacks and speed after knocking out an opponent
Moltres Fiery Wrath Enhances Fire-type moves when low on health

Now get ready to celebrate your victory as we move into the next section about the rewards for obtaining all three Galarian Birds.

Celebrating Your Victory: Galarian Bird Rewards

So you’ve finally caught all three Galarian birds in Pokemon Go. Congratulations! Now it’s time to celebrate your hard-earned victory and reap the rewards that come with it.

First on the list is a special medal for completing the Galarian bird collection. This will not only serve as evidence of your accomplishment but also add to your overall trainer profile.

Next up, you’ll receive a unique avatar pose featuring the legendary trio. Show off your new pose during raids or battles to intimidate opponents and show off your dedication to catching them all.

But perhaps the most exciting reward of all is unlocking the ability to encounter shiny versions of these rare birds in future raids. Keep an eye out for any upcoming events where they may make an appearance!

So go ahead and revel in your triumph over these elusive creatures. You deserve it after putting in so much effort into tracking them down and capturing them. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get The Galarian Birds If I Don’t Have Access To Raids?

Honestly, it’s a bit tough to get the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go without access to raids. These legendary creatures are typically only available through raid battles, so you’ll need to team up with other trainers and take down the powerful birds together. However, there is always a chance that Niantic will release a special event or research task that allows players to catch these coveted creatures outside of raids. Keep an eye on the game’s news announcements and social media channels for updates – you never know what surprises might be in store!

Is It Possible To Catch The Galarian Birds Without Using Any Special Items Or Techniques?

Did you know that the Galarian birds have a catch rate of only 3%? That means it takes some serious skill and patience to capture one without any special items or techniques. While it’s possible to catch these rare creatures without using raids, it definitely won’t be easy. Your best bet is to stock up on Ultra Balls and Razz Berries, find a spot where they’re known to spawn, and hope for the best. And don’t forget to bring your A-game – these birds are tough opponents!

Are There Any Specific Weather Conditions That Increase My Chances Of Encountering The Galarian Birds?

I’ve been trying to catch those elusive Galarian birds in Pokémon Go for a while now, and I’m wondering if there are any weather conditions that could help me out. From what I’ve read online, it seems like certain types of weather can increase your chances of encountering rare Pokémon. But does this apply to the Galarian birds too? I live in a pretty rainy area, so maybe I’ll have better luck during a thunderstorm or something. Either way, I’m determined to add these powerful creatures to my collection!

Can I Transfer The Galarian Birds To Other Pokemon Games?

So, you’ve caught the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go and now you’re wondering if you can transfer them to other games. Well, the answer is both yes and no. You see, while it’s possible to transfer your Galarian birds to Pokemon Home, which acts as a storage facility for all your pokemon across different games, they cannot be transferred back to Pokemon Go or any other game besides Sword and Shield. I learned this the hard way when I tried transferring my shiny Galarian Moltres from Sword to Let’s Go Pikachu only to find out that wasn’t an option! So, just keep that in mind before attempting any transfers.

What Happens If I Miss Out On Catching One Of The Galarian Birds During Its Limited-Time Appearance?

If you miss out on catching one of the Galarian birds during its limited-time appearance in Pokémon Go, don’t worry too much. It’s not the end of the world! You’ll just have to wait until they make another appearance or become available through other means (like a special event or trading). Of course, it’s always better to catch them when they’re available so that you can add them to your collection and use them in battles. But if you do happen to miss out, just keep playing and stay patient. Who knows? Maybe an even cooler bird will come along soon enough!


In conclusion, catching the Galarian birds in Pokemon Go can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. As someone who has spent countless hours trying to catch these elusive creatures, I recommend using every possible strategy at your disposal. Whether that means teaming up with fellow trainers for raids or keeping an eye out for specific weather conditions, don’t give up until you’ve caught them all!

Remember, if you miss out on one of the Galarian birds during its limited-time appearance, don’t despair. There will always be other opportunities to catch rare and powerful Pokemon in the world of Pokemon Go. So keep exploring, keep battling, and most importantly, have fun on your journey to becoming a master trainer!

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