How To Make A Birds Nest Necklace

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Have you ever wanted to make something special for yourself or a loved one? If so, why not try making your own beautiful bird’s nest necklace. It’s an easy project that anyone can do with the right supplies and instructions. Not only will it look great, but creating this keepsake is sure to be a memorable experience!

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a bird’s nest necklace step-by-step. We’ve also included some tips on choosing the right materials, as well as advice on how to customize your design. So grab your supplies and get ready – let’s start crafting!

Whether you want to give the perfect handmade gift or just have a fun afternoon activity, learning how to make a bird’s nest necklace is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Let’s get started now!

Materials Needed

It’s said that nothing brings more joy than creating something with your own two hands. Crafting a beautiful birds nest necklace may just be the perfect project to put this theory to the test! To get started, you’ll need some basic materials like beads, a necklace chain, a clasp for closure, wire and glue. Once you’ve gathered all of these items together, you’re ready to move on to preparing the nest!

Preparing The Nest

Now that we have all the necessary materials, it’s time to start making a bird’s nest necklace. Begin by taking your jewelry-making wire and wrapping it around the bottom of the bird’s nest until you feel like the nest is securely attached. It may be helpful to use craft pliers or other tools to help secure the wire in place. Once you’re satisfied with how secure the nest is, take some accent beads and arrange them on top of the nest however desired. This will give your finished product an extra bit of sparkle! Finally, make sure everything is fully secured before moving on to stringing the beads for our next step.

Stringing The Beads

The colors, shapes and sizes of the beads are what will give your necklace its personality. From small seed beads to large round ones, you’ll be able to create a beautiful birds nest design with minimal effort.

  • Choose 3 different bead strands in various colors
  • Use jewelry wire of varying gauges for each strand: thin for the smaller beads, thicker for larger ones
  • Select a variety of shapes such as circles, ovals, teardrops or stars

Stringing these together is easy and fun! Start by gathering all of your supplies; lay them out on a flat surface so that everything is within reach. Next, measure two pieces of jewelry wire against each other and cut them at even lengths – about twice the size of your desired finished product. Now start threading the beads onto both wires until they’re fully strung with an alternating pattern. Finish up by tying off the ends securely once you have reached the desired length. Your bird’s nest necklace is now ready to take shape! With all components prepared ahead of time, attaching it to the chain should be simple and straightforward.

Attaching The Nest To The Necklace Chain

Now that the beads have been strung, it’s time to attach the nest. To do this, you’ll need some jewelry making materials and tools. Grab two jump rings, a pair of round-nosed pliers, and your nest charm or pendant. Use one jump ring to connect the nest to the last bead on your necklace chain. Then take the other jump ring and open it using the pliers; loop it through both ends of the necklace strand and close it back up with the pliers again. This will be what secures the clasp when wearing your completed piece.

To finish off your bird’s nest necklace, add any additional charms or elements you’d like. A dangle charm dangling from one side can provide an extra touch of sparkle to your design. Alternatively, if you prefer a more minimal style, simple leave as is for an understated look! Once all desired finishing touches have been added, secure the clasp and admire your beautiful creation! Now that everything is in place, let’s move onto securing the clasp…

Securing The Clasp

Attach the necklace clasp to one end of the wire. Make sure it has been securely fastened and will not come undone while wearing. Twist or wrap the excess wire around itself several times until a secure loop is formed, using pliers if necessary. This will ensure that your necklace stays closed when worn and won’t come apart unexpectedly.

To further increase security, you may wish to add an additional clasp attachment at this point, such as a lobster claw closure or jump ring. When attached correctly, these components should help provide extra protection from accidental loosening of the necklace’s clasp.

By following these steps carefully, you’ll be able to create a sturdy structure for your birds nest necklace with confidence in its security. With the clasp now secured, we can move on to adding those final touches that make it truly unique!

Finishing Touches

Ah, the finishing touches. The part where you can really let your creativity shine! Whether it’s bead embellishments or natural accents, decorative feathers or handmade details, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to adding a unique flair to your birds nest necklace.

Begin by picking out any beads and charms that appeal to you. Try using a combination of textures and colors for an eye-catching effect. Then start stringing them together on thin beading wire with accent stones in between each one. To create an extra bit of sparkle, add some tiny glass beads scattered throughout the design. And don’t forget about those decorative feathers – they’ll give your necklace just the right amount of rustic charm!

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Once all these elements are added, take a minute to step back and admire your work. You’ve crafted something truly special – something that will surely stand out from the crowd! Now that you’ve finished this project, why not try making variations with different materials? It’s sure to be another fun adventure!


The possibilities for a birds nest necklace are nearly endless. There are so many ways to customize it and make it your own! Here is an overview of all the variations you can consider when making your own bird nest necklace:

Bird charmsMetal, resin or clay charms in various sizes and colors, with some featuring intricate details like tiny eggs or baby chicks.
Feather charmsReal feathers dipped in resin or metal feather-shaped pendants.
Beaded chainVarious metals such as sterling silver, gold filled, copper or brass; lengths from 16-20 inches typically fit best.
Gemstone beadsAmethyst, rose quartz, turquoise and more – these add color and sparkle to the design.
Colored threadChoose embroidery floss for sturdiness, but jewelry wire may also be used depending on preference.

No matter what materials you choose to use for your bird nest necklace, keep in mind that they should complement each other while still expressing your individual style. With careful consideration and practice, you will be able to create something beautiful that is truly one of a kind. Now let’s move onto caring for your special piece of jewelry….

Caring For Your Necklace

With the beauty of a handmade bird nest necklace, comes the responsibility of maintaining it to ensure its longevity and shine. To keep your necklace looking as special and unique as when you first made or bought it, here are some tips on how to care for your jewelry:

  • Clean with a soft cloth after each wear – Make sure you clean off any oils or sweat that may be present on the surface of the metal.
  • Store in an airtight bag – This will help prevent oxidation from occurring on the metal parts of your necklace.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals – Harsh cleaning products can damage certain materials used in making necklaces such as freshwater pearls, so make sure to avoid them at all costs.
  • Handle with care – Bird nest jewelry is delicate due to its intricate design; therefore, handle yours carefully when putting it on and taking it off.

After wearing your bird nest necklace, take time to properly store and protect it by using these simple steps. Doing this will not only enhance its lifespan but also maintain its overall quality, allowing you to enjoy its beautiful craftsmanship for many years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Bird Feathers Should I Use For My Nest?

When making a bird nest necklace, one of the most important aspects is choosing the right type of bird feathers. There are many feather types, colors, sizes and shapes to consider when picking out what you would like to use for your project.

To make sure that you have the perfect feathers for your necklacem here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Look at different feather types – there’s everything from parrot feathers to duck feathers!
  • Consider various feather colors – some birds even come with multicolored plumage!
  • Think about size – larger or smaller depending on how big you want your necklace to be!
  • Take into account shape – straight or curved? What kind of effect do they create together?

Once you’ve decided on these factors, it’s time to get creative with how you arrange your chosen feathers. Experimenting with different combinations will help you find the perfect look for this unique piece of jewelry. With enough practice and patience, you can craft an eye-catching birds nest necklace that showcases all the beauty of feathered creatures!

What Other Materials Can I Use To Make The Necklace?

Creating a unique accessory to adorn yourself with can be an exciting and creative journey. Crafting something that is uniquely you, out of materials found around your home or even outside in nature, has been a pastime for many years. Today we will explore the possibilities of making a birds nest necklace using different items from beads, wire, feathers, string and fabric.

To make this exquisite trinket come alive there are several steps that need to be taken. Firstly, gather all the supplies together so they are easy to access while working on the project. Second consider how each material should be used; such as weaving thin pieces of wire like spokes through a circle shape made of beads or threading feather quills onto a length of twine to mimic the look of a small bird’s nest. Thirdly experiment by combining various textures and colors until you create exactly what you have envisioned in your mind’s eye. Lastly adjust any details needed such as adding knots at crucial points or securing it shut with jewelry glue when finished building the structure itself.

The key elements necessary for this endeavor include:

  • Beads
  • Wire
  • Feathers
  • String/Fabric
    These items can be arranged in whatever way suits your artistic fancy! The task of constructing one’s own jewellery piece becomes much easier when these components are manipulated into their desired form then connected securely together so they stay put during wear and tear over time. Whether you choose simple shapes like circles or more complex designs such as spirals – this type of personalization cannot help but elicit sweet satisfaction once complete!
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Making something special brings joy not only because it looks beautiful but also due its uniqueness; no two creations will ever truly be alike which makes them truly treasured gifts – both to give away and keep close to our hearts forevermore…

Are There Any Safety Precautions To Consider When Making The Necklace?

When making a bird’s nest necklace, it is important to consider any safety precautions that may be necessary. Depending on the materials used for this unique necklace, there are certain risks involved in crafting something of such delicate nature. From using bird feathers to customizing the necklace with various colors and shapes, proper cleaning maintenance must always be taken into account.

First of all, when handling bird feathers for your necklace design, it is essential to avoid contact with skin or eyes as some types of birds can carry contagious diseases that can be passed along through their feathers. Furthermore, if you plan on using synthetic or plastic materials instead of natural feathering, make sure they are non-toxic and safe enough for use around sensitive areas like your neck and face.

Additionally, after creating your own customized bird’s nest necklace, regular cleaning maintenance should also play an important role in its upkeep. Although most materials used will hold up well against water and other liquids over time, taking extra care to clean them properly will ensure its long-term wearability and aesthetic appeal. For example, handmade jewelry pieces tend to require more special attention than machine made pieces since each item is crafted differently depending on the type of material used.

To keep your new accessory looking sharp longer and prevent damage from happening prematurely, follow manufacturer instructions closely regarding how best to maintain the product. This could include anything from wiping down metal components regularly with a cloth dampened by warm water to storing items away from direct sunlight which can cause fading or discoloration over time.

How Can I Customize The Necklace To Make It Unique?

When it comes to creating a bird nest necklace, there are many ways you can customize and make the design unique. From selecting specific bird feathers to adding jewelry pieces or craft supplies, customizing this necklace allows for creative ideas that will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

First, start by picking your favorite bird feathers. You may have come across a feather in nature while out on a walk or perhaps you choose one with an interesting color or pattern that catches your eye. No matter what type of feather you select, remember that its shape and size should match the overall design of the necklace when combined with other elements.

Next, think about how you want to incorporate additional materials into your necklace design. Maybe you’d like to add some beads, charms, ribbons or fabric flowers – all things that could help enhance the look of your finished piece. Additionally, you may even wish to use jewelry findings such as wire wrapped stones or pendant drops for extra sparkle and shine!

Overall, personalizing the bird nest necklace is easy and fun – just let your imagination run wild! With so many options available, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something truly special that reflects who you are.

How Often Should I Clean And Maintain My Necklace?

As the delicate strands of your bird’s nest necklace lay gracefully around your neck, you may find yourself wondering: how often should I clean and maintain my necklace? Proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure that the beauty of the jewelry endures.

Using imagery as a tool can help us visualize why it’s so important to keep our necklaces clean. Think of each strand like a river running through an evergreen forest. The sun glistens on its crystal clear surface while birds chirp in the trees above. Now imagine if this same river became polluted with garbage – what would happen to all those animals who depend on it for life? We must take care of our precious pieces just like we take care of nature; by regularly cleaning them and properly storing them away whenever they are not being worn.

It is recommended that you do a deep-clean about once every month or two using warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush. This will help remove any dirt and oils from skin contact without damaging any materials used in the piece. Additionally, avoid exposing your necklace to extreme temperatures or humidity levels which could cause damage over time. Also remember to store it in a safe place when not wearing it such as an airtight bag or container lined with non-abrasive material like velvet cloth which will protect it from dust or other debris.

You have taken great pride in finding and creating this unique masterpiece – make sure you show it some love by keeping up with regular maintenance so you can enjoy it for years to come!


In conclusion, making a bird’s nest necklace is an enjoyable activity that can help bring out your creative side. With the right materials, you can create something truly unique and beautiful. You’ll love seeing how far your imagination takes you when designing the perfect piece of jewelry.

When crafting your necklace, be sure to take safety precautions into consideration. Choose feathers from birds in season, use sturdy thread and wear gloves if necessary. This will ensure that both you and the environment stay safe during creation. Furthermore, remember to clean and maintain your necklace regularly so it stays looking its best for years to come.

Like a delicate wreath worn around the neck, creating a bird’s nest necklace is like weaving together different elements of nature – artfully bringing them all together as one harmonious masterpiece. Whether given away or kept close by, this handmade item will make any wearer feel special every time they put it on.

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