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The 2018 Netflix film Bird Box, directed by Susanne Bier and starring Sandra Bullock, has garnered much attention and discussion since its release. The post-apocalyptic thriller follows a mother (Bullock) and her two children as they navigate through a world where looking at an unknown entity can drive people to suicide. As the family journeys down a river blindfolded in search of safety, they encounter various obstacles and characters that test their survival skills and relationships with each other.

Critics have been divided on whether or not Bird Box is worth watching. Some praise the film for its suspenseful plot and strong performances from Bullock and supporting actors such as Trevante Rhodes and John Malkovich. Others criticize it for being predictable and lacking depth in its exploration of themes such as mental health and human nature. In this article, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Bird Box to determine if it is truly a good film.

Overview Of Bird Box Plot And Characters

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller that follows the story of Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her two children as they navigate a world where an unseen force drives people to commit suicide. The plot centers around their arduous journey to reach safety while blindfolded, as even looking at this malevolent entity can be fatal.

The film’s use of symbolism representation enhances its overall impact on audiences. The unnamed force that brings about chaos in society serves as a metaphor for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. In addition, the concept of blindness introduces themes of trust, fear, and vulnerability. These elements are woven into the narrative seamlessly and contribute greatly to the movie’s success.

Character development is another key aspect of Bird Box that sets it apart from other films in the genre. We see Malorie transform from a fearful and mistrustful person to one who learns to rely on others and form meaningful connections. Other characters like Tom (Trevante Rhodes) also undergo significant changes throughout the course of the story, providing insight into how individuals react under extreme circumstances.

Overall, Bird Box delivers a compelling tale with well-crafted character arcs and thematic depth through symbolism representation. It offers plenty of suspenseful moments and tense action sequences while remaining grounded in reality by exploring human behavior when faced with adversity. Now let us take a closer look at Sandra Bullock’s performance in the film.

Analysis Of Sandra Bullock’s Performance

After being introduced to the plot and characters of Bird Box, it is time to analyze Sandra Bullock’s performance in this film. Her portrayal of Malorie Hayes, a mother trying to protect her children from an unknown entity that drives people to commit suicide upon sight, was commendable. She displayed versatility as an actress by effectively conveying different emotions ranging from fear and anxiety to hopelessness and desperation.

The character development of Malorie throughout the movie was impressive, thanks to Bullock’s excellent acting skills. From being a reluctant mother-to-be who shut out all emotional connections with others due to past traumas, she evolves into a fiercely protective parent willing to do anything for her kids’ safety. Moreover, Bullock manages to convey the emotional depth required for audiences not only to sympathize with but also feel connected with her character on a deeper level.

Aside from Bullock’s stunning performance in Bird Box, what makes this film highly enjoyable is its supporting cast’s contribution. The likes of John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes add layers of complexity and intrigue through their respective roles in the story. Despite having limited screen time compared to Bullock’s character, they managed to make themselves memorable and added value without overshadowing the protagonist or detracting from the storyline.

In conclusion (as per rules given above), Sandra Bullock breathed life into Malorie Hayes’ character through her impeccable acting skills resulting in one of Netflix’s most successful releases ever. Notably, the supporting cast contributed significantly towards elevating the overall quality of Bird Box alongside strong writing and direction. However, this begs further analysis regarding how these actors impacted the film considering their relatively short appearances onscreen – which will be discussed next in our examination of ‘supporting cast and their impact on the film.’

Supporting Cast And Their Impact On The Film

The supporting cast of a film can make or break its success. In Bird Box, the importance of John Malkovich and Andrea Riseborough in supporting roles cannot be overstated. Both actors bring depth to their characters that add layers to the story. Malkovich’s portrayal of Douglas, a curmudgeonly neighbor who clashes with protagonist Malorie (Sandra Bullock), adds tension and conflict to the plot. His character serves as a foil to Malorie’s more optimistic outlook on survival.

Riseborough plays Malorie’s sister Jessica in flashbacks throughout the film. Her role may seem small but her impact is significant in terms of character development. Through Jessica, viewers see glimpses into Malorie’s past and understand how she became the hardened survivor we meet at the beginning of the film. Riseborough’s performance brings emotional weight to these scenes and helps establish the stakes for what follows.

Aside from Malkovich and Riseborough, other members of the supporting cast also shine in their respective roles. Trevante Rhodes as Tom provides a strong counterpoint to Malorie’s guardedness, showcasing both his strength and vulnerability as they navigate together through dangerous territory. Jacki Weaver delivers an understated yet powerful performance as Cheryl, another survivor who shows kindness to Malorie despite their differences.

In summary, the supporting cast is crucial to any film’s success, and this is especially true for Bird Box where each actor elevates their character beyond simple archetypes or stereotypes. The performances by John Malkovich and Andrea Riseborough are particularly noteworthy for providing nuance and complexity to their characters while contributing significantly towards building tension within the narrative.

  • The chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes was palpable on screen.
  • Fans were delighted by BD Wong’s brief but memorable appearance in Bird Box.
  • Many viewers felt empathy towards Sarah Paulson’s character after her tragic end.
  • Lil Rel Howery provided some much-needed comic relief amidst the tense and suspenseful moments.

With a strong supporting cast, Bird Box offers much more than just its leading lady. The exploration of themes in the film is another area that deserves attention.

Exploration Of Themes In Bird Box

The supporting cast of Bird Box effectively complements the story’s main characters. They provide a sense of community, which helps to portray the societal collapse depicted in the film. The impact of their absence is felt when they are killed off-screen or by suicide, leaving the audience with a haunting feeling that this world has lost all hope.

Moving on to exploring the themes present in Bird Box, society’s collapse becomes one of its central elements. From the opening scene, an apocalyptic atmosphere looms over everything, and we witness how people react differently under such circumstances. While some choose to work together and build a new life for themselves, others turn violent and seek out destruction. This theme reflects our current reality where humanity faces various crises from climate change to pandemics.

Another crucial element is motherhood and survival – two concepts that go hand-in-hand throughout the movie. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) must protect her children at all costs while navigating through dangerous territory filled with supernatural entities that prey on human sight. Her maternal instincts come into play as she fights for their safety against impossible odds. Moreover, it highlights how far a parent would go to ensure their child’s well-being in dire situations.

In conclusion, Bird Box explores various themes that make it more than just your typical post-apocalyptic thriller. Through societal collapse and motherhood and survival, it offers both social commentary and emotional depth not often seen in films within this genre. In the next section, we’ll delve deeper into another critical aspect of what makes Bird Box such a thrilling experience: suspense and thrills in the film." "

Suspense And Thrills In The Film

Bird Box is a 2018 post-apocalyptic thriller film directed by Susanne Bier and based on Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name. The movie has been praised for its suspenseful plot, which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The twists and turns in Bird Box are well-executed, leaving viewers guessing until the very end.

The psychological horror elements in Bird Box also contribute to its effectiveness as a suspenseful thriller. The main character, played by Sandra Bullock, must navigate a world where unseen entities drive people insane if they look at them directly. This central premise creates an atmosphere of constant dread that permeates throughout the entire movie. Additionally, the characters’ fear and paranoia are palpable, adding another layer of tension to every scene.

Overall, Bird Box delivers effective thrills through its expertly crafted twists and turns and use of psychological horror. While some may find certain aspects predictable or far-fetched, it’s hard not to appreciate how effectively this movie keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

Moving forward into discussing cinematography and sound design, one can expect these technical aspects to enhance the already tense atmosphere found within Bird Box. By using lighting techniques that evoke feelings of danger or isolation, coupled with eerie sound effects and music cues that heighten unease even further – viewers will be taken on an immersive journey that accentuates what makes this film so successful as a thrilling piece of cinema.

Cinematography And Sound Design

The film Bird Box is a suspenseful thriller that keeps the audience on edge throughout the entire runtime. The expert use of camera angles, lighting techniques, and audio effects help to create an eerie atmosphere that elevates the tension in each scene. The cinematography and sound design work together seamlessly to make this movie one that will stick with viewers long after they have finished watching.

One aspect of the cinematography that stood out was how the filmmakers utilized different lighting techniques to enhance certain moods and emotions within scenes. For example, when the characters were outside during daylight hours, there was often a washed-out look to the colors which helped to convey a sense of despair and hopelessness. Conversely, during moments of intense danger or action, bright flashes of light would be used for added impact.

In addition to clever lighting choices, Bird Box also boasts an impressive array of audio effects that are employed at just the right moments. From heart-pounding music cues to ominous soundscapes that slowly build up tension over time, these elements add yet another layer to what is already an incredibly immersive experience for audiences.

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Overall, it’s clear that both cinematography and sound design were key components in making Bird Box such an effective thriller. By utilizing masterful techniques like lighting choice and audio effects, this film managed to keep its audience engaged from start to finish while delivering some truly memorable scares along the way.

Moving forward into criticisms of Bird Box , it’s important first to acknowledge all of the skillful filmmaking elements discussed above. However, some critics have pointed out issues related specifically to plot development and character arcs.

Criticisms Of Bird Box

Bird Box has received a considerable amount of criticism for its plot holes. Many viewers have expressed frustrations with the contrived and illogical plot developments. The acting performance of the lead characters has also been met with criticism, with some viewers citing poor delivery of dialogue and lack of emotional range. The film’s suspense level has been cited as its strongest attribute, yet many viewers have expressed disappointment with the predictability and formulaic nature of the climax. Overall, Bird Box has been polarizing in its reception, with critics of the film citing its plot holes, acting performances, and suspense level as the primary reasons for their negative reviews.

Plot Holes

Bird Box has been a trending topic among movie-goers and critics alike. Despite receiving positive reviews, some viewers have expressed their criticisms on certain aspects of the film. One of which is the existence of plot holes that left them feeling confused.

The lack of explanation needed for certain scenes in Bird Box led to several questions about its storyline. There were instances where it seemed like there was more to be explored or explained but the film never delved further into those details. For instance, how did Malorie’s group survive blindfolded while rowing down the river? Did they encounter any obstacles along the way? These missing pieces leave audiences with alternative theories as they try to fill in the gaps themselves.

Moreover, some elements of the story seem rushed and require more attention. An example would be when Olympia gave birth; this scene received little screen time yet played a significant role in moving forward with the plot. It felt disconnected from everything else happening around it, making it difficult for viewers to understand its relevance without being given proper context.

Finally, another instance where an explanation is needed involves Gary’s sudden change in character. While his intentions are revealed towards the end, his actions leading up to that point remain unclear and confusing. The audience is left wondering why he acted so erratically throughout most of his appearance and what triggered him to turn against everyone else.

In conclusion, despite its compelling concept and strong performances by its cast members, Bird Box still leaves room for improvement when it comes to addressing plot holes within its narrative structure. Certain moments could benefit from additional exposition or clarification for better coherence in storytelling. Nevertheless, these minor issues do not detract from overall enjoyment of watching this thrilling post-apocalyptic tale unfold onscreen.

Acting Performance

Moving on to another aspect of Bird Box that has been widely discussed amongst critics and viewers, let us examine the acting performances in the film. With a talented cast consisting of Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, and more, expectations were high for their portrayals of complex characters navigating an apocalypse brought about by mysterious entities.

Overall, the actors delivered commendable performances that kept the audience engaged throughout the movie. The character development was evident as each individual’s backstory was slowly revealed through flashbacks and interactions with other survivors. This allowed for emotional depth to be explored in a post-apocalyptic world where fear and survival were at the forefront.

Sandra Bullock particularly shone in her role as Malorie; her raw emotions when dealing with loss and motherhood added layers to her character that made her relatable despite being thrust into an unimaginable situation. Trevante Rhodes also gave a standout performance as Tom, who acted as both a protector and love interest for Malorie while struggling with his own past traumas.

However, some critics have pointed out that certain supporting characters lacked significant development or screen time which hindered their ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. For example, Rosa Salazar’s Lucy is introduced but then disappears without much explanation or resolution. Similarly, Lil Rel Howery’s Charlie had potential for greater impact but was unfortunately given limited moments to shine before meeting his demise.

In conclusion, while there may be room for improvement in terms of fleshing out all characters equally in Bird Box, overall it remains undeniable that the acting performances contributed greatly to making this post-apocalyptic thriller worth watching. Each actor brought something unique to their roles which helped elevate the story beyond just your average end-of-the-world scenario.

Suspense Level

Moving on to another aspect of criticisms for Bird Box, it is worth discussing the level of tension and suspense in the movie. As a post-apocalyptic thriller, one would expect the film to keep audiences on edge throughout its runtime. While there were certainly moments that delivered high levels of anxiety and fear, some have argued that overall, the level of tension was not sustained consistently.

One factor that contributed to this was the reliance on flashbacks as means of storytelling. While they were useful in providing insight into character motivations and backstories, they also interrupted the flow of action and disrupted any momentum built up in previous scenes. Additionally, certain plot twists felt predictable or underwhelming which lessened their impact.

However, it is important to note that while some may find fault with these aspects of Bird Box’s suspense-building techniques, others may argue that these same elements added layers to characters and made them more relatable than just cardboard cutouts running away from monsters. The unpredictability of how each individual would react in stressful situations added a sense of realism to an otherwise fantastical premise.

Ultimately, whether or not one finds Bird Box’s level of tension effective may depend on personal preferences and expectations going into it. For those looking for non-stop thrills and jump scares, this film may fall short. However, for those invested in character development and emotional depth amidst chaotic circumstances, there are still moments where the suspense will leave viewers at the edge of their seats.

Audience Reception And Popularity

As we all know, the internet is a place for rational and objective discussions. So naturally, when Bird Box was released on Netflix in 2018, social media had nothing but calm and measured reactions to it. Just kidding – people lost their minds over this movie. Some praised it as a thrilling masterpiece while others blasted it as an unoriginal mess.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, Bird Box became one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever. According to box office numbers (or rather, streaming service data), the film attracted more than 45 million viewers during its first week of release alone. It even sparked a bizarre trend where fans would blindfold themselves like the characters in the movie and see if they could navigate through real-life locations without sight.

Bird Box definitely struck a chord with audiences, whether they loved it or hated it. But why? Perhaps part of its appeal lies in our fascination with post-apocalyptic stories – after all, who doesn’t love imagining how they’d survive in an end-of-the-world scenario? Plus, Sandra Bullock’s performance as the lead character added some star power to the mix.

Overall, Bird Box may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but there’s no denying that it made waves among both casual viewers and die-hard horror fans alike. Its popularity proves once again that sometimes all you need is a gripping story and compelling characters to keep audiences engaged.

With such high praise given by many viewers and several million views within just the first week of being available online via Netflix; comparisons between Bird Box and other post-apocalyptic films have been raised by various individuals including notable names within cinematic circles.

Comparison To Other Post-Apocalyptic Films

Mad Max is a classic post-apocalyptic film released in 1979, and is renowned for its iconic characters and the use of a post-apocalyptic Australia as the setting. The Road, released in 2009, uses a more modern approach to the post-apocalyptic genre, exploring the journey of a father and son in a ravaged America. The Book of Eli, released in 2010, is a unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre, combining elements of the western and action genres. All three films have a strong focus on survival, and the consequences of the characters’ choices. Bird Box, released in 2018, is another entry into the post-apocalyptic genre, and is distinctive for its use of a supernatural force to drive the characters’ decisions. Its focus on choice and morality makes it a compelling comparison to the other three post-apocalyptic films.

Mad Max

Post-apocalyptic fashion has become a popular theme in recent years, and one film that stands out among the rest is Mad Max. This movie follows the story of a lone survivor who must navigate through a world filled with chaos and danger. While there are many post-apocalyptic films on the market, none quite capture the essence of survival like Mad Max.

One aspect that sets Mad Max apart from other post-apocalyptic movies is its attention to detail when it comes to fashion. The costumes worn by the characters are gritty and realistic, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their struggle for survival. From leather jackets to metal armor, every piece of clothing serves a purpose in this harsh new world. It’s these small details that make Mad Max stand out as a truly unique film.

Another reason why Mad Max excels at capturing the post-apocalyptic genre is due to its intense action sequences. The car chases in this movie are some of the most exhilarating scenes ever put on screen. Every explosion and crash feels visceral and real, making you feel as though you’re right there alongside the characters fighting for your life.

Finally, what makes Mad Max such a great film is its ability to balance action with character development. While the movie is packed with thrilling moments, it also takes time to explore each character’s motivations and backstory. By doing so, we become emotionally invested in their journey and care about whether or not they survive.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic movie that delivers on all fronts – from fashion to action to character development – then look no further than Mad Max. This film set a new standard for what can be accomplished within this genre and continues to inspire filmmakers today.

The Road

When it comes to post-apocalyptic films, Mad Max is undoubtedly a standout work. However, there are other movies in the same genre that offer unique perspectives on survival tactics and bleak atmospheres. One such film is The Road, which takes place in a world destroyed by an unknown disaster. Like Mad Max, The Road showcases characters’ struggles to survive amidst harsh conditions. But unlike Mad Max’s high-octane action scenes, this movie focuses more on the psychological toll of living in a barren wasteland.

The Road presents a much bleaker outlook than Mad Max when it comes to surviving after the apocalypse. There are no epic car chases or over-the-top action sequences; instead, we see how people have resorted to cannibalism and other desperate measures just to stay alive. It is through this lens of desperation that we witness the main character’s relationship with his son, who he must protect at all costs as they journey towards the coast.

Survival tactics take center stage in The Road rather than fashion or flashy stunts. As viewers watch the father and son scavenge for food and shelter while avoiding danger from both fellow survivors and environmental hazards like ash clouds blocking out sunlight – it becomes clear that their primary concern isn’t what they’re wearing but whether they’ll make it through another night alive.

In conclusion, while Mad Max excels at delivering intense action set pieces alongside well-developed characters – The Road stands out for its bleak portrayal of humanity struggling to survive without any hope for the future. Both films showcase different aspects of life after an apocalyptic event but ultimately serve as reminders of our own willpower during difficult times.

Book Of Eli

Continuing our discussion on post-apocalyptic films, another standout work that deserves attention is The Book of Eli. Released in 2010, this movie follows Denzel Washington’s character as he travels across a wasteland America carrying the last remaining copy of the Bible. Like other movies in the post-apocalyptic genre, survival and resourcefulness are key themes explored throughout the film.

What sets The Book of Eli apart from other works in its category is Denzel Washington’s performance. He delivers a powerful portrayal of a lone traveler who must navigate through dangerous terrain while protecting his precious cargo at all costs. His character embodies strength and resilience even amid overwhelming adversity – making for an engaging viewing experience.

While similar to Mad Max and The Road, The Book of Eli stands out for its unique take on faith and spirituality during times of crisis. As viewers watch Washington’s character make his way towards San Francisco with only his wits and fighting skills to protect him, we see how religion can be both a source of hope and division among survivors.

Overall, The Book of Eli adds depth to the post-apocalyptic genre by delving into themes beyond just survival tactics. Its exploration of religious beliefs makes it stand out from other films in this category while still delivering plenty of action-packed fight scenes along the way.

Final Verdict: Is Bird Box Worth Watching?

Bird Box, directed by Susanne Bier and starring Sandra Bullock, is a psychological thriller that has left audiences polarized since its release on Netflix in 2018. The film follows the story of Malorie (Bullock) as she navigates through a post-apocalyptic world where an unseen entity drives people to commit suicide if they look at it. While some viewers praise Bird Box for its intense storyline and suspenseful atmosphere, others criticize it for its lackluster character development.

One aspect of Bird Box that cannot be ignored is its use of symbolism and metaphor throughout the film. From the birds in the titular box representing hope to the river serving as a metaphorical journey towards rebirth, these elements add depth to what could have been just another survival horror flick. Additionally, the choice to never show the creature causing the destruction adds an air of mystery and fear to every scene.

The psychological impact of Bird Box cannot be denied either. Its portrayal of how humans react when their sense of sight is taken away forces both characters and audience members alike to question how we would act in such extreme circumstances. Furthermore, Malorie’s struggle with motherhood while trying to keep herself and her children alive provides a unique perspective not often seen in this genre.

Overall, whether or not Bird Box is worth watching ultimately depends on personal preference. However, there can be no denying that it leaves a lasting impression due to its effective use of symbolism and metaphor alongside its thought-provoking exploration of human psychology under dire circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Directed Bird Box?

In the realm of contemporary cinema, Bird Box is an enigmatic and captivating film that has left audiences entranced. Directed by Susanne Bier, the movie follows a mother and her two children as they navigate through a post-apocalyptic world in which sight leads to certain death. The Director of Bird Box brings a unique perspective to this genre with her ability to create suspenseful scenes while keeping the audience engaged in emotional depth. With a budget of $19.8 million, Bier was able to bring her vision to life on screen, creating an immersive experience for viewers. Despite some criticisms regarding plot holes and character development, the direction of this film remains commendable for its ability to capture audiences’ attention throughout its runtime.

What Is The Budget Of Bird Box?

The film budget for Bird Box was reported to be around $19.8 million USD, which included production costs such as location fees, salaries and equipment rentals. This is considered a moderate budget by Hollywood standards, but the filmmakers were able to maximize their resources to create an effective post-apocalyptic atmosphere that captivated audiences worldwide. The use of practical effects and minimal CGI also helped keep production costs down while adding to the authenticity of the story’s setting. Overall, despite its modest budget, Bird Box managed to deliver a well-crafted cinematic experience that resonated with viewers across different demographics and cultural backgrounds.

Was The Film Adapted From A Book?

Bird Box, directed by Susanne Bier, is a post-apocalyptic thriller that has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and masterful cinematography. Based on the novel of the same name by Josh Malerman, the film follows a woman named Malorie (Sandra Bullock) who must navigate a perilous world full of unseen dangers while blindfolded to protect herself and her two children. The similarities between the book and movie are strikingly apparent as both explore themes of survival and motherhood in an unforgiving world. While some may argue that the book offers more depth than the movie adaptation, there is no denying that Bier’s direction brings a unique perspective to this harrowing tale. Ultimately, whether one prefers the book or movie version depends on personal taste; however, it cannot be denied that Bird Box stands out as an exceptional work of art regardless of medium.

Are There Any Easter Eggs Or Hidden Details In The Film?

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller that has been the subject of much discussion since its release. With regards to hidden details and symbolic meanings, there are several instances in which the film appears to be rich with them. For example, many viewers have noted that the use of blindfolds throughout the film serves as a metaphor for our society’s tendency to turn a blind eye to important issues or dangers. Additionally, some eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that certain scenes contain subtle references to other horror movies such as The Thing and It Follows. These easter eggs serve not only as nods to other works in the genre but also add depth to Bird Box’s narrative by implying connections between different stories within the broader landscape of horror cinema. Overall, these symbolic meanings and hidden messages make watching Bird Box an engaging experience for anyone interested in exploring deeper themes within popular culture.

How Long Did It Take To Film Bird Box?

The filming duration of Bird Box took approximately 45 days, according to director Susanne Bier. The production faced numerous challenges during the shoot, including working with child actors and coordinating complex action sequences. Despite these difficulties, the final product is an impressive display of artistry and storytelling. The film’s haunting score and stunning cinematography capture the tension and fear that permeate throughout the narrative. While Bird Box may not be without flaws – some critics have found fault with its pacing or character development – it remains a gripping thriller that showcases Bier’s talent as a filmmaker.


Bird Box is a 2018 post-apocalyptic thriller directed by Susanne Bier and starring Sandra Bullock. The film follows the story of Malorie, a pregnant woman who seeks refuge with other survivors in an attempt to escape from supernatural entities that force people to commit suicide upon looking at them.

The film had a budget of approximately $19.8 million and was adapted from Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name. Bird Box also features some Easter eggs for fans of the book, including references to characters not seen on screen and hints about their fates.

One interesting statistic about Bird Box is that it was viewed by over 45 million Netflix accounts within its first week of release, making it one of the most-watched films ever released on the platform. This success can be attributed to the captivating storyline, strong performances from the cast, and effective use of suspense throughout the film.

As a critic, I believe that Bird Box offers a fresh take on the apocalyptic genre while delivering heart-pumping moments that will keep viewers engaged until the very end. While there are some plot holes and unanswered questions left unresolved, overall this is a thrilling movie experience worth watching.

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