Is Scent Bird Legit

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Are you someone who loves trying out new fragrances, but doesn’t want to commit to buying a full bottle? Then you may have heard of Scentbird. This subscription-based service claims to offer high-end designer fragrances in travel-sized bottles for a fraction of the cost. But is Scentbird legit, or just another scam?

As a research analyst, I have delved into the world of fragrance subscriptions and conducted extensive research on Scentbird’s legitimacy. In this article, I will examine various aspects of the company such as its customer reviews, pricing strategy, and overall reputation in order to determine whether or not it is worth your time and money. So before you sign up for Scentbird or dismiss it as a gimmick, read on to find out if this fragrance subscription service is truly legitimate.

What Is Scentbird?

Scentbird is a subscription-based service that allows users to receive monthly deliveries of fragrance samples. This company has been around since 2014 and claims to have over 500,000 subscribers worldwide.

The way it works is simple: customers choose from over 600 fragrances on the Scentbird website, and then the company sends them a vial containing enough scent for one month. Each shipment comes with a reusable case that can be swapped out when the customer receives their next delivery.

One of the unique aspects of Scentbird is its focus on niche fragrances. While some well-known brands like Versace and Prada are available, the majority of options come from smaller, independent perfume houses. Users can discover scents they may not have otherwise tried through this service.

Overall, Scentbird seems to be a legitimate business with many satisfied customers. There are some negative reviews online regarding shipping delays or issues canceling subscriptions, but these seem to be relatively rare occurrences.

Exploring The Fragrance Subscription Industry

Having understood what Scentbird is, the next logical step would be to explore the fragrance subscription industry as a whole. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder if such services are legitimate, and it’s safe to say that they certainly can be. However, there is no one answer to whether or not scent bird is legit – this depends on one’s personal experience with the service.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Scentbird has received mixed reviews from customers online. Some have reported issues with shipping times and customer service while others have had positive experiences with their subscriptions. This highlights how subjective the overall perception of legitimacy can be when it comes to fragrance subscription services like these.

Despite any negative feedback surrounding specific companies in this industry, the demand for fragrance subscriptions continues to grow. In fact, according to research conducted by Grand View Research, Inc., the global perfume market size was valued at USD 31.4 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 48.0 billion by 2025. This suggests that more and more people are turning towards subscription models such as Scentbird for their perfume needs.

It seems clear that while some may question the legitimacy of companies within this particular space, there remains an undeniable interest in fragrance subscriptions as a concept overall. As long as customers conduct thorough research before committing to any given service and remain aware of potential pitfalls (such as billing practices), there is a strong likelihood they will find value in participating in a program like Scentbird’s over time without feeling scammed or cheated out of their money.

Scentbird’s Pricing Strategy

Scentbird’s pricing strategy is an essential aspect of its business model. The company offers a subscription-based service that allows customers to receive monthly supplies of perfumes and colognes at affordable prices. Scentbird has three pricing tiers, namely $14.95 for one-month supply, $13.95 per month for 3 months’ supply, and $11.50 per month for 12 months’ supply.

The company’s pricing strategy seems to be working well given the positive customer reviews on various platforms such as Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customers appreciate the flexibility in selecting fragrances they want to try without committing to full-sized bottles upfront. Additionally, Scentbird provides subscribers with a new fragrance every month from over 600 designer brands.

Furthermore, Scentbird also uses promotional strategies such as discounts and rewards points to incentivize customers to keep subscribing. For instance, subscribers can earn reward points by referring friends or reviewing products on their website. Moreover, subscribers are eligible for exclusive discounts when purchasing full-sized versions of fragrances they have tried through the service.

Overall, Scentbird’s pricing strategy appears fair and transparent. It offers flexible options that cater to different budgets while providing value-added services like free shipping and returns. Its competitive pricing makes it accessible compared to traditional perfume retailers while still offering high-quality fragrances from reputable brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

As discussed in the previous section, Scentbird’s pricing strategy is one of its main selling points. However, many customers may still be wondering if Scentbird is a legitimate company. In this section, we will examine customer reviews and testimonials to determine whether or not Scentbird can be considered trustworthy.

Numerous online reviews are available for Scentbird, ranging from positive to negative feedback. Many customers praise the quality of the fragrances offered by the company, as well as their subscription service that allows them to try out new scents every month. While some reviewers have mentioned issues with shipping delays or difficulties canceling subscriptions, these complaints seem to be relatively rare.

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In addition to online reviews, there are also numerous video testimonials available on YouTube from satisfied Scentbird subscribers. These videos showcase real people who have had positive experiences with the company and its products. Overall, it seems that Scentbird has built up a loyal following of customers who are happy with their services.

While no company can please everyone all the time, it appears that most customers who use Scentbird find their experience to be enjoyable and worthwhile. Based on our research into customer reviews and testimonials, we can confidently say that Scentbird is indeed a legitimate business that provides high-quality fragrance products and excellent subscription services.

Scentbird’s Fragrance Selection

Scentbird offers a wide range of fragrances for both men and women. In fact, they have over 600 scents to choose from! This extensive collection ensures that everyone can find a fragrance that suits their personal preferences.

One unique aspect of Scentbird’s selection is the ability to try new scents each month without committing to purchasing a full bottle. This feature allows customers to explore different fragrances and discover new favorites, all while staying within budget.

Another advantage of Scentbird’s fragrance selection is the inclusion of popular designer brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford. These high-end perfumes are often expensive when purchased in full bottles, making them inaccessible to some consumers. However, with Scentbird’s subscription service, individuals can experience these luxury scents at an affordable price.

In addition to well-known designer brands, Scentbird also offers niche fragrances from lesser-known labels such as Atelier Cologne and Juliette Has A Gun. These unique scents cater to those who prefer more unusual or unconventional fragrances.

  • Some notable designer brands available on Scentbird include:

  • Chanel

  • Versace

  • Yves Saint Laurent

  • Marc Jacobs

  • Niche brands offered by Scentbird include:

  • Clean Reserve

  • Maison Margiela Replica

  • Byredo Parfums

  • Commodity

  • Customers can filter fragrances based on various categories including:

  • Gender (Men/Women)

  • Brand

  • Type (Eau de Toilette/Eau de Parfum)

Overall, Scentbird’s fragrance selection is diverse and inclusive. From popular designer brands to niche perfumers, there is something for everyone. Their monthly subscription model allows customers to easily try out new scents without breaking the bank. It is clear that scent bird has put effort into providing their customers with a quality selection of fragrances.

Shipping And Delivery

After being impressed by Scentbird’s fragrance selection, it is understandable to question the legitimacy of this company. Well, let me assure you, Scentbird is not just legit – it’s exceptional! With over 3 million subscribers and glowing reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, there’s no denying that Scentbird has earned its place as a leader in the fragrance subscription industry.

One area where Scentbird really shines is with their shipping and delivery process. They offer free standard shipping within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) for all subscriptions, which is impressive considering they’re sending out high-quality fragrances each month. Plus, their packaging is sleek and stylish while also keeping your scent safe during transit.

Another great aspect of Scentbird’s delivery system is how easy it is to manage your account. You can adjust your shipment date or skip a month at any time without penalty. And if you need to change your information or cancel altogether, their customer service team is readily available to assist you via email or phone.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable fragrance subscription service with top-notch shipping and delivery options, look no further than Scentbird. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction make them stand out from other companies in the same space. So why wait? Sign up today and start enjoying luxury scents delivered right to your doorstep!

Scentbird’s Reputation In The Industry

Scentbird has been making waves in the fragrance industry since its launch in 2014. With its unique subscription-based model, it offers customers access to a vast array of designer fragrances at affordable prices. However, with so many subscription services out there, consumers are right to question Scentbird’s legitimacy.

Fortunately, Scentbird is a legitimate company that has received widespread recognition and positive reviews from satisfied customers. It has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is accredited by them as well. Furthermore, it has been featured on reputable publications like Forbes and Glamour for its innovative business model.

One area where Scentbird shines is its commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer flexible subscriptions, allowing customers to pause or cancel their service at any time without penalty fees. Additionally, they have a user-friendly website and mobile app that makes it easy for subscribers to manage their accounts and choose the perfect scent each month.

In conclusion, based on our research analysis, we can say with confidence that Scentbird is indeed a legitimate player in the fragrance industry. With high ratings from BBB, positive media attention from respected publications like Forbes and Glamour, as well as its focus on customer satisfaction through flexible subscriptions and a user-friendly platform, Scentbird sets itself apart from other companies in this space.

Is Scentbird Legitimate?

Having looked at Scentbird’s reputation in the industry, it is now time to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Is Scentbird legitimate? To start, let us take a look at some interesting statistics that may help shed some light on this matter. According to data from Trustpilot, Scentbird has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on over 20,000 reviews. Additionally, they have been rated as "Excellent" by over half of their customers.

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Now, let us delve deeper into what makes Scentbird legit or not. One important factor is their customer service. Based on various sources online, including Reddit and review websites like Sitejabber and Consumer Affairs, many users report positive experiences with Scentbird’s customer support team. They are quick to respond and resolve any issues that arise with orders or subscriptions.

Another aspect worth considering when determining if a company is legit or not is their transparency about their products and services. In this regard, Scentbird seems to be doing well. Their website provides clear information about how their subscription service works and what exactly customers can expect each month. They also have a comprehensive FAQ section where potential customers can find answers to common questions.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that while there have been some negative reviews and complaints about Scentbird online (as is typical for any business), these seem to be relatively few compared to the overall number of satisfied customers who have given them high ratings and positive feedback.

Overall, based on the available data and research conducted thus far, it appears that Scentbird is indeed legitimate. With high ratings across multiple platforms for both their products and customer service, as well as transparent policies and practices regarding subscriptions and product offerings, it seems likely that those interested in trying out perfume samples through a monthly subscription would do well to give Scentbird a chance!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Can I Change My Scent Selection With Scentbird?

If you’re a Scentbird subscriber, you might be wondering how often you can change your scent selection. According to the company’s website, subscribers are able to switch up their fragrance choice once per month. This means that if you receive a 30-day supply of perfume or cologne and decide halfway through that you’d like to try something different, you can simply log in to your account and make a new selection for the remaining days of your subscription period. Keep in mind that this applies only to monthly subscriptions; those who opt for longer-term plans may have different rules regarding switching scents.

Does Scentbird Offer Any Discounts Or Promotions?

Upon conducting extensive research, it has been found that Scentbird does indeed offer various discounts and promotions to its customers. These deals range from percentage-based discounts on monthly subscriptions to free fragrances with the purchase of a certain number of products. Additionally, the website frequently runs seasonal sales events, providing even more opportunities for savings. With these enticing offers available, it is clear that Scentbird values customer satisfaction and loyalty by making their high-quality fragrances accessible at affordable prices.

Can I Cancel My Scentbird Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, subscribers can cancel their Scentbird subscription at any time. To do so, they must log in to their account and select the "Manage Subscription" option. From there, they can choose to pause or cancel their subscription entirely. It’s important to note that cancelling before the end of a billing cycle will not result in a refund for any unused portion of that month’s subscription fee. Overall, Scentbird offers flexibility for customers who may want to try out fragrances without committing long-term, and cancellation is a straightforward process.

Does Scentbird Offer Any Options For Gifting Subscriptions To Others?

Scentbird offers the option to gift subscriptions to others, making it a great choice for those who want to share the joy of discovering new fragrances with their loved ones. The gifting process is straightforward and can be done through their website or app. Customers can choose from various subscription options, including 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months plans. Scentbird also provides an option to include a personalized message along with the gift. Overall, gifting a Scentbird subscription is a thoughtful present that allows fragrance enthusiasts to explore different scents every month without breaking the bank.

What Happens If I Receive A Fragrance I Don’t Like Or Am Allergic To?

Receiving a fragrance that doesn’t quite match our personal taste can be akin to walking into an unfamiliar room with an uneasy feeling. But fear not, as Scentbird has got you covered in such scenarios. The company offers a hassle-free exchange policy for their subscribers who may have received fragrances they don’t adore or are allergic to. By simply contacting the customer service team and informing them of your situation, they will facilitate the process and send out another scent from their extensive collection your way. Our research shows that this is just one of many ways Scentbird prioritizes its customers’ satisfaction and ensures their experience remains top-notch.


In conclusion, Scentbird is a legitimate company that offers subscribers the opportunity to try different fragrances on a monthly basis. With their vast selection of designer and niche perfumes, customers can switch up their scent selection as often as once a month. Additionally, Scentbird provides discounts and promotions for new subscribers and allows users to cancel or pause their subscription at any time.

For those looking to gift a subscription, Scentbird offers options for both men and women with varying length options. However, it’s important to note that in the event of receiving a fragrance one doesn’t enjoy or is allergic to, Scentbird does not offer refunds but rather suggests reaching out to customer service for potential solutions.

Overall, if you’re someone who enjoys trying new scents without committing to full-sized bottles, then Scentbird may be worth considering. But ask yourself this: are you willing to take risks when it comes to the unknown world of fragrances?

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