Is There Going To Be A Bird Box 2

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Fans of the 2018 horror-thriller, Bird Box, have been eagerly waiting for news on whether there will be a sequel. The Netflix original film starring Sandra Bullock quickly became a cultural phenomenon and sparked countless memes and challenges across social media platforms. But with no official announcement from the streaming giant, many are left wondering: is there going to be a Bird Box 2?

Rumors about a possible follow-up to the dystopian tale have been circulating since the first movie’s release in December 2018. Fans of the post-apocalyptic thriller have speculated on everything from potential plotlines to casting choices. With such fervent anticipation surrounding this potential sequel, it’s time to take a closer look at what we know so far and explore the likelihood of another installment in this popular franchise.

The Success Of Bird Box

Bird Box, the post-apocalyptic thriller movie that premiered on Netflix in 2018, became an instant sensation. It was a cultural phenomenon and one of the most successful movies ever released by the streaming giant.

The movie captivated audiences with its unique plotline: a world where unseen monsters drive people insane when they look at them. The only way to survive is to wear blindfolds while navigating through the treacherous terrain filled with obstacles and danger. This metaphorical representation of life’s challenges resonated with viewers worldwide as they saw themselves reflected in the struggles of Sandra Bullock’s character, Malorie.

The success of Bird Box can be attributed to several factors – from the star-studded cast featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich, to its gripping storyline that kept audiences on edge throughout. However, it was the powerful message about resilience, survival, and hope that touched viewers’ hearts.

Despite rumors circulating around a possible sequel for Bird Box, Netflix has not yet confirmed any official plans for a second installment. Nevertheless, fans remain hopeful as they eagerly anticipate another adventure into this thrilling and terrifying world. With such massive success behind it, it would come as no surprise if we see more from Bird Box soon enough!

The Buzz Surrounding A Possible Sequel

The release of Bird Box on Netflix in 2018 was a huge hit, with over 45 million people streaming the movie within its first week. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for news about a possible sequel to the post-apocalyptic thriller.

While there has been no official announcement from Netflix or the film’s creators, rumors and speculation continue to circulate online. Some fans believe that a sequel is inevitable given the success of the original movie, while others argue that it would be difficult to match the intensity and suspense of the first installment.

Despite this uncertainty, many are already speculating about potential plotlines for Bird Box 2. Will we see more of Sandra Bullock’s character Malorie as she navigates a new set of challenges? Or will we be introduced to a completely different group of survivors trying to survive in a world overrun by mysterious creatures?

Only time will tell if Netflix decides to greenlight a sequel to Bird Box. In the meantime, fans can continue theorizing and eagerly anticipating any updates on what could potentially be one of the most highly-anticipated sequels in recent memory.

Clues And Speculation From The Cast And Crew

Speculation around a sequel to ‘Bird Box’ is rife, with clues, hints and rumors abound on social media, in trailers and from statements from the cast and crew. Fans have reacted with enthusiasm, with news reports and media coverage only further fuelling speculation. Interviews and public reactions from the cast and crew have added fuel to the fire, as fans eagerly await any hint of a confirmation from them. With all the clues and speculation in the air, it looks like ‘Bird Box 2’ could be on its way!


Exciting news for Bird Box fans, as rumors of a sequel to the hit Netflix thriller have been circulating since the release of the first movie. While nothing has been officially confirmed by the cast and crew, there are several clues and hints that suggest we might see another installment in the future.

One major clue comes from actress Sandra Bullock herself, who hinted at a possible return to her role as Malorie during an interview with IndieWire. She stated that she would be "very interested" in exploring where her character goes next, which left many fans speculating about what kind of story could be told in a potential sequel.

Additionally, director Susanne Bier has also expressed interest in continuing the story, stating that there is still much more to explore within this world. In an interview with Collider, Bier mentioned that she had already started brainstorming ideas for a follow-up film.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Bird Box was based on a novel written by Josh Malerman, meaning that there is plenty of source material available for additional movies or even spin-off series. With so many factors pointing towards a second movie being in development behind-the-scenes, it seems like only a matter of time before we know for sure whether or not we’ll get to see more of this thrilling post-apocalyptic world.


As fans eagerly await news of a potential Bird Box sequel, various clues and hints from the cast and crew have sparked speculation about what we can expect from another installment. One major clue comes from Sandra Bullock herself, who has expressed interest in returning to her role as Malorie. During an interview with IndieWire, she hinted that there may be more stories to tell within this post-apocalyptic world.

Director Susanne Bier has also added fuel to the fire by revealing that she is already brainstorming ideas for a follow-up film. In an interview with Collider, she mentioned that there is still much more to explore within the story’s universe. With both Bullock and Bier expressing their enthusiasm for continuing the narrative, it seems highly likely that a second movie could be on its way.

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it’s worth noting that Bird Box was based on a novel written by Josh Malerman. This means that there is plenty of source material available for additional movies or even spin-off series. Given the success of the first film and the passionate fanbase it has amassed since its release, it would make sense for Netflix to want to capitalize on this by creating more content set in this fictional world.

All in all, while we don’t know exactly what kind of story a potential Bird Box sequel might tell, these clues and hints from those involved suggest that something exciting could be in development behind-the-scenes. Fans will undoubtedly continue speculating until official news is announced but one thing is clear: there is definitely enough interest and passion surrounding this franchise to warrant further exploration of its themes and concepts.

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The Status Of Bird Box 2 Production

The world was captivated by the post-apocalyptic horror film Bird Box when it premiered on Netflix in 2018. The movie, which starred Sandra Bullock as a mother fighting for survival against supernatural entities, quickly became a cultural sensation and sparked countless memes.

With its massive success, fans can’t help but wonder: is there going to be a Bird Box 2? Unfortunately, at this time, there has been no official announcement from Netflix or the filmmakers about a sequel. However, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

Director Susanne Bier has expressed interest in exploring more of the story’s universe. In an interview with, she revealed that "there are different directions we could go with it." Additionally, author Josh Malerman has written a sequel novel titled Malorie that explores what happens after the events of the first book/film.

While we may not know for sure if Bird Box 2 is happening anytime soon, there are plenty of reasons why it would make sense for Netflix to greenlight another installment. For one thing, it’s clear that audiences are still hungry for more content set in this world – just look at how popular shows like The Walking Dead continue to be.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not we’ll get to see Sandra Bullock donning her blindfold once again. But until then, fans can rest assured knowing that there are plenty of other exciting projects coming down the pipeline from both Bier and Malerman.

  • Possible plotlines for Bird Box 2
  • Fan theories about where the story could go next
  • A breakdown of some of the most memorable scenes from the first film
  • Interviews with cast and crew members discussing their thoughts on a potential sequel
  • Comparisons between Bird Box and other recent post-apocalyptic films/TV shows – Analysis of the social commentary and underlying themes in Bird Box, and how they could be expanded upon in a sequel

Potential Plotlines And Direction For The Sequel

As for the status of Bird Box 2 production, there’s been no official announcement yet. The first film was a massive success and generated a lot of buzz among horror fans worldwide. However, despite its popularity, the producers are keeping tight-lipped about any details regarding the sequel.

Nevertheless, some rumors have surfaced online that suggest production is already underway. According to sources close to the project, Netflix has greenlit the movie, and Sandra Bullock will be returning as Malorie. It’s also rumored that John Malkovich may reprise his role as Douglas.

Assuming these rumors are true, what can we expect from the sequel? One possibility could be exploring more backstory on how the creatures arrived on Earth. Another direction could focus more on survival tactics in post-apocalyptic society or introducing new characters with unique abilities to combat against the unknown forces.

No matter which path they choose to take for Bird Box 2, fans are undoubtedly eager for any news related to this highly anticipated follow-up. So far, it seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer before getting an official update from Netflix and the filmmakers behind it all.

The Possibility Of New Characters And Cast Members

Like a bird soaring through the sky, the success of Bird Box has left audiences captivated and eager for more. Fans have been wondering if there will be a sequel to this thrilling post-apocalyptic film that took Netflix by storm.

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, rumors are circulating about new characters and cast members who may join in on the action. The possibilities are endless as we imagine what new faces could bring to the table in a world where survival is key.

Here are some potential additions that could shake things up:

  • A seasoned hunter with unparalleled skills
  • A group of survivors from another part of the country
  • An unpredictable rogue element who shakes up everything

As fans eagerly await news regarding Bird Box 2, one can only hope that these exciting prospects become reality. Will our favorite characters return? Or will newcomers take center stage?

Whatever happens next, it’s clear that Bird Box has created an unforgettable universe full of suspense and intrigue. So let’s keep our eyes peeled for any updates on what’s next to come – because anything can happen in a world without sight.

Fan Expectations And Hopes For The Sequel

As the success of Bird Box continues to capture audiences, fans are eagerly anticipating a sequel. The suspenseful thriller left viewers on the edge of their seats and with many questions unanswered. While there has been no official announcement yet, rumors suggest that Netflix is in talks for a follow-up film.

Fans have high expectations for a potential Bird Box 2. They hope for more backstory on some of the characters from the first film, especially Sandra Bullock’s character Malorie. There were hints at her past experiences and struggles, but viewers would like to see it explored further. Additionally, fans want to know more about the creatures that caused such chaos in the world of Bird Box.

Another aspect that fans hope will be improved in a possible sequel is the pacing. Some thought that parts of the first movie dragged on while others felt rushed. Fans are hoping for tighter storytelling without sacrificing depth or tension.

Overall, if there is indeed going to be a Bird Box 2, fans are looking forward to seeing where director Susanne Bier takes us next. With so many unanswered questions and possibilities for expansion within this universe, it’s clear that there’s plenty of room for growth and excitement in this franchise.

With all these hopes set up by fans worldwide after watching ‘Bird Box,’ one can only imagine what twists and turns might come along with its sequel (if it ever happens). As we wait anxiously to find out whether Netflix confirms our greatest desires or not – anticipation mounts higher each day as any news regarding ‘Bird Box 2’ could drop anytime soon!

Final Thoughts And Predictions On Bird Box 2

Bird Box 2 has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. With the massive success of the first movie, it’s natural to wonder if there will be a sequel. According to reports, Netflix hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but fans are hopeful that there will be more to come from this thrilling franchise.

As we eagerly anticipate news about Bird Box 2, let’s take a moment to reflect on some interesting statistics. The first film was watched by over 45 million accounts in its opening week alone! This just goes to show how much people loved the original story and characters. It’s safe to say that audiences would welcome another installment with open arms.

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If Bird Box 2 does happen, here are four things that fans might expect:

  1. More terrifying creatures – In the first movie, we never really got a clear look at what exactly was causing all the chaos. Maybe in the sequel, they’ll reveal more details about these mysterious monsters.
  2. New survivors – There’s always room for new characters in any horror story, and Bird Box 2 could introduce us to even more compelling individuals fighting for survival.
  3. A deeper exploration of Malorie’s character – Sandra Bullock gave an incredible performance as Malorie in the first movie. Fans would love to see her character further developed and explored in future installments.
  4. Higher stakes – If you thought things were bad in the first movie, just imagine how much worse they could get in Bird Box 2!

All of these possibilities have fans buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what may come next in this chilling saga.

In conclusion, while nothing is confirmed yet regarding Bird Box 2, one thing is certain: fans cannot wait for another chance to experience this heart-pumping tale of terror and survival. With so many unanswered questions left after the first film’s ending, it seems only fitting that another chapter should follow soon enough. Until then, we can only hope that the filmmakers hear our pleas and give us what we crave: more Bird Box!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Watched Bird Box On Netflix?

Bird Box, the Netflix original movie starring Sandra Bullock, has taken social media and pop culture by storm. With its gripping storyline and intense performances, it’s no surprise that millions of people tuned in to watch this post-apocalyptic thriller. According to reports from Netflix, over 45 million accounts streamed Bird Box within the first seven days of its release. This staggering number includes viewers across 190 countries who couldn’t get enough of the suspenseful tale featuring a mysterious creature that drives anyone who sees it to suicide. The popularity of Bird Box led to countless memes, challenges, and even inspired Halloween costumes. It’s safe to say that this film has made a lasting impact on popular culture and will continue to be talked about for years to come.

Who Owns The Rights To The Bird Box Franchise?

Bird Box was one of the most talked-about movies on Netflix, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch the post-apocalyptic thriller. As fans eagerly await news about a potential sequel, many are wondering who owns the rights to the Bird Box franchise. The answer is simple: Netflix. Despite speculation that author Josh Malerman might have some claim over the story and characters he created, it’s clear that the streaming giant has full control over any future adaptations or spin-offs. While there’s no official word yet on whether we’ll see more from Sandra Bullock’s character, Malorie, audiences can rest assured that if another Bird Box project does come to fruition, it will be entirely within Netflix’s jurisdiction.

What Is The Budget For Bird Box 2?

It’s no secret that Bird Box was a massive hit for Netflix, breaking records and becoming one of the most talked-about movies of 2018. Fans have been eagerly anticipating news about a potential sequel ever since, and while there’s still no official word on whether or not it will happen, rumors continue to circulate. One question that frequently comes up is what kind of budget Bird Box 2 would have if it were to move forward. Unfortunately, without any confirmed plans in place, we can’t say for sure what the exact number would be – but given the success of the first film, it stands to reason that Netflix would be willing to invest heavily in another installment.

Will Sandra Bullock Return For The Sequel?

Sandra Bullock, the talented actress who made us all hold our breaths in Bird Box, has captivated audiences with her stunning performances for years. Fans of the post-apocalyptic thriller are eager to know if she will grace the screen once more as Malorie Hayes in a much-anticipated sequel. As we await any news on whether or not there will be a follow-up film, one can only hope that this exceptional artist lends her talent to what could potentially be another blockbuster hit. Her innate ability to convey emotion and depth through subtle nuances is something that sets her apart from many others in Hollywood, making it an exciting prospect to see where she takes her character next – should she return, that is.

What Impact Did The Success Of Bird Box Have On The Horror Genre?

The unexpected success of Bird Box on Netflix has taken the horror genre by storm. Since its release in December 2018, it has become one of the most-watched movies on the platform and even sparked a viral challenge mimicking the film’s concept of blindfolding oneself to avoid seeing a mysterious entity that drives people to suicide. It’s clear that Bird Box has left an indelible mark on the horror landscape, with many considering it as having reinvigorated the genre for mainstream audiences. Its popularity also highlights how streaming services are changing the way we consume media, enabling unconventional films like this to reach wider audiences than they might have through traditional distribution methods.


So, is there going to be a Bird Box 2? The answer is not yet clear. While the first film was a massive hit with audiences, drawing in over 45 million viewers during its first week on Netflix, the future of the franchise remains uncertain.

One factor that could impact whether or not we see a follow-up to Bird Box is who owns the rights to the property. Additionally, it’s unclear if star Sandra Bullock would return for another go-round. Regardless, one thing is certain: the success of this horror-thriller has had a major impact on the genre as a whole, setting new standards and raising expectations for what scary movies can achieve.

As fans eagerly await any news about a potential sequel, one thing remains certain – Bird Box will go down in history as an unforgettable addition to the world of modern horror cinema. Whether or not we ever see a second installment, its legacy lives on through its iconic imagery and spine-tingling thrills. So let us wait patiently and hope that soon we will receive good news regarding the release of Bird Box 2!

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